Masters of Advanced Professional Styling

Study mode

11 days face to face training
(5 days, +3 days +3 days) and online


18 months


Certificate of Professional Styling and Image
Advanced Certificate of Creative Fashion Styling

The fashion industry is fast changing and so are the needs and standards of a professional stylist. In this course you will learn the skills required to create a scalable business, with an extensive service offering across personal styling, business branding and image strategy and creative commercial briefs. You will develop your own personal and professional brand and marketing collateral to ensure you have every tool to succeed, from templates to masterclasses, as well as learning how to build a sustainable client list.

What you’ll learn

Establish yourself as a leader. In this course you will gain professional skills to produce and deliver styling events and corporate workshops. You will go beyond working one-on-one with your clients and learn how to confidently facilitate professional presentations, building your leading brand. You will learn how to establish your own successful styling brand and work with professional clients and organisations.

Create a digital marketing plan, implement and transform the results in your business. Effectively use social media to grow your following and influence. Use of SEO to grow your exposure to your target market and grow your business. Develop a strong brand for you and your clients.

During your 3-day Masters of Advanced Professional Styling training you will:

  • Learn how to gain more clients through SEO and effective marketing.
  • Write a compelling professional styling presentation.
  • Learn how to deliver content and public speak with confidence.
  • Plan and promote your event using digital marketing strategies.
  • Learn the language required to sell your services.
  • Develop your own personal and professional brand.


11 DAYS: 5 + 3 + 3 days face-to-face training in Melbourne.

MONTHLY: modules.

18 MONTHS ACCESS: online resource library, including previously recorded classes, downloadable documents and templates at a Masters level.

YOUR STUDENT ADVISOR: have your questions answered, receive advice around recruitment and job opportunities, be supported by your personal student advisor over your 6-month course.

Career pathways

  • Style blogging
  • Corporate styling
  • Professional style and brand strategist
  • Corporate grooming and etiquette

Our professional stylists continue to gain coveted roles and develop inspiring careers in professional styling. You will find them organising fashion runways and events, delivering professional workshops and securing paid presenting opportunities with organisations.

Establish a reputation and a brand identity that is identifiable with that personal touch to reach a broad range of clients. Help business leaders and companies develop their brand presence in the marketplace to increase their market share.

Course Breakdown

MAPS – 1

Establish a Leading Stylist Brand.

  • Build your successful business brand.
  • Design your marketing business plan.
  • Establish credibility, create your press release and bio.
  • Develop compelling brand visuals.
  • Construct successful sales strategies.
  • Learn effective sales language.
  • Produce lead generation.
  • Convert the curious to committed.
MAPS – 2

Digital Content Creation and Delivery.

  • Design a presentation that is engaging and informative.
  • Deliver a presentation with confidence.
  • Create a sales strategy to upsell from the stage.
  • Grow your business and following with events.
MAPS – 3

Develop and Deliver a Professional Presentation.

  • Format a successful presentation.
  • Plan the concept for your event.
  • Identify your ideal market.
  • Plan content for a compelling presentation.
  • Develop content to meet your audience needs.
  • Produce and deliver a compelling event.
MAPS – 4

Marketing Your Event.

  • Develop a marketing plan to promote your event.
  • Engage partners to increase exposure and quality.
  • Maximise your brand exposure to reach your ideal market.
  • Create engaging marketing material.
  • Review the results of your event to improve for future events.
MAPS – 5

Digital Marketing Strategies for Business Growth.

  • Develop a digital marketing plan.
  • Effectively use social media platforms.
  • Digital content planning and delivery.
  • Grow your business online with SEO and understand Adwords.
  • How to generate more leads
  • Learn how to build marketing automation into your business
MAPS – 6

Collaborations, Strategic Alliances and Partnerships.

  • Grow your business.
  • Develop valuable strategic alliances to grow your brand.
  • Determine whether to pursue a joint venture opportunity.
  • Recognise new ways to build your brand through partnerships.

Benefits of studying with Australian Style Institute

Australian Style Institute offers a distinctive method of teaching founded in critical principles of human behaviour – ensuring our professional stylists offer the industry a unique perspective on styling that empowers the individual.

Our flexible training approach is structured so that you can continue to work, study other disciplines, or manage family and other commitments, all while continuing to develop your skills as a stylist.


Masters of Advanced Professional Styling dates

  • February 7th - 9th 2018


    Masters of Advanced Professional Styling

    **Must have attended Certificate of Professional Styling & Image to be eligible.

  • July 4th - 6th 2018


    Masters of Advanced Professional Styling

    **Must have attended Certificate of Professional Styling & Image to be eligible.

  • November 21st - 23rd 2018


    Masters of Advanced Professional Styling

    **Must have attended Certificate of Professional Styling & Image to be eligible.