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Online Fashion Styling Course:
An Insider’s Guide To
Personal Styling

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Certificate of Professional Styling & Image
September 16th – 20th 2019

Online Fashion Styling Course

An Insider’s Guide To 
Personal Styling


During the Online Fashion Styling Course, you will get a hands on insight into the world of fashion styling and the unprecedented industry opportunities. You will learn how to understand the way our mindset affects fashion and how to take your creative ideas and channel these into something you love. This online course is perfect for you if you’re curious about the fashion industry and want to get a taste of fashion styling.

The Online Fashion Styling Course: An Insider’s Guide To Personal Styling comprises five individual learning modules:

1. The role of a fashion stylist
2. Consulting to clients
3. Wardrobe
4. Professional shopping
5. Starting your styling dream

This course is 100% online, so you can learn anywhere, at any given time and get started on your styling dream right away. You will have exclusive access to over 10 hours of content spread over 5 modules and 20 individual lessons, and you will receive a Certificate of completion at the end of your course.

If you’re not quite ready to commit to our full courses, then this is for you. Get a taste, get curious.

Certificate of Professional Styling & Image

September 16th – 20th 2019
Location: The Intercontinental, 815 Hay St, Perth 6000


Join our inaugural Perth intake.

You will learn how to:
• Turn your passion into a successful career
• Work when and where you want
• Empower your clients to look and feel more confident
• Be part of a growing industry filled with opportunities

You will have access to:
• Industry opportunities
• The world’s largest online Styling Resource Library
• Unlimited mentoring from industry experts

During the Certificate of Professional Styling and Image training, you will:
• Learn how human behaviour impacts what we wear, how we style and why we buy the clothes we do
• Learn how to conduct a Professional Style Consultation, a Wardrobe Makeover and a Personal Shopping Session
• Be equipped with the skills to work with a range of clients across all ages, shapes, sizes, and budgets as a profession
• Price and package your styling services
• Style your first client

Styling is so much more than fashion. It requires a deep understanding of human behaviour and professional skills to make a difference. We team this approach with marketing and business strategies to help our students succeed.


“Jump in, dream big, and ask yourself not just what you want to do,
but what you must to bring your dream to life.”  

– Lauren Di Bartolo, Founder & Director of Australian Style Institute

Hear how a busy Mum turned her passion into a thriving business


For Peta who graduated from our Advanced Certificate of Creative Fashion Styling course in 2017, social media is an inevitable part of growing and nurturing her styling business. Peta uses Instagram every day to catch up on new trends, to acquire new clients and to broadening her networks. Peta lives by a determination to succeed and the willingness to grow. Every opportunity that comes Peta’s way, she accepts, and then, she figures out the how. 

We’ve interviewed the Perth business owner and mum of two, to understand how she juggles it all and still manages to make her styling vision a reality, both on- and offline.

Owning your own business can feel like a full time job, irrespective of whether your annual salary reflects this or not. I receive the majority of my clients by word of mouth. However, in the early days almost all of my leads came from social media. Regardless of whether you enjoy social media or not, it’s an essential part of growing your Styling Business. Each day I spend some time on Instagram, keeping up with current trends and ensuring I keep in touch with Networking contacts I’ve developed over the years. Instagram is visual to success in this industry and is a great tool to identify new styling concepts or ways of marketing your own business. Creating fresh “instagramable” content for your Styling Page is important. You have to ensure you are giving your followers enough ‘value adding’ content, as well as trying to connect with them on a personal level by ensuring your posts are authentic and relevant to your target market. Being a busy mum of two young children, there is not a lot of opportunity to capture amazing ’photoshoot’ like content. I always try and set up the tripod with my photo timer app and capture my outfit combinations, ensuring I provide advice on the styling of the outfit and not just an aesthetically pleasing image. After all, my followers can get this content from retailers. As a Stylist, I need to be providing more than just the hottest season looks.

If I have a client booking, my day is often started with a certain level of stress. Getting the kids sorted for school, ensuring I have the necessary paperwork, roller rack and any other tools required to undergo a Wardrobe Refresh or a Personal Shopping Session. It can be difficult when you have a family to tend to before your day job. I ensure all necessary paperwork is printed out the night before and I always make sure I have the clients address saved in my diary and their mobile number saved in my phone. No matter what drama happens prior to my client appointment, I make sure that I am 100% present, focused and super enthusiastic meeting my client and through the entire duration of the session.

A Shopping Session is huge. I pre-shop for all of my clients to avoid them experiencing the overwhelm of the sales, countless options, messy racks and the, sometimes, “not so helpful retail assistants”. It is so important to develop strong and sustainable relationships with Retailers. I always hang up the garments we’ve been using after I’ve been in-store and I am forever buying the retailers, coffees or dropping off little chocolates to show my appreciation for their commitment to me and my client.

My nights are dedicated to admin. Emailing back clients from that day, while it is fresh in my mind and when they are enthusiastic about their styling journey. Once the kids are in bed, I respond to email enquiries, send out invoices and confirmation letters. I manage my social media account and I ensure social proof of my work is available online. Success is such an important part of creating the perception of your thriving styling business and happy, satisfied clients.

Are there men and women in WA, who wear clothes and have the money and desire to invest in a professional to assist them to shop smarter or educate them on how to dress for their body shape and colours? Of course!

A few years ago, a Personal Stylist was considered a luxury for the rich and famous. I have noticed the increase of focus on personal style, combined with how time poor society is today. There has definitely been a significant shift in mindset over the past 5 years. Personal Stylists are no longer a luxury for the rich and famous. If you have a reputable service that will benefit people and add value to their lives, then you have the opportunity to sell it.

My passion and focus is in Personal Styling. I love working one-on-one with my male and female clients, and I feel this is my strength. 

Recently, I was given the opportunity to be the official Stylist for the Airnorth Cable Beach Polo.  Marilynne Paspaley was looking to appoint a stylist to provide fashion advice on social media leading up to the event to increase the focus on fashion at the event. From there, I managed to convince her that running Fashion Parades at the event would be a great way of increase the fashion focus and in turn, promote WA designers to a niche market. Marilynne took my recommendation and the scope of the event became larger than I could have dared to dream. 

I built relationships with WA Designers, Paspaley Pearls, Goolarri Media (home to the Kimberley Girls Models). I styled australian talent and met an array of influential business people. I traveled to Broome and curated four Runway Parades, dressed Catriona Rountree, Lauren Pavlich and Anna Paspaley and got to meet Melissa Hoyer. I wrote an article on styling for Vogue, which was published on Melissa Hoyers website and social media pages. I was interviewed for RedFM and met some amazing contacts around Australia, with potential leads to more work. I increased my exposure as a stylist, managed to get published in the Sydney Morning Herald and was featured in STM and the Weekend West.

In summary, I said YES to an opportunity I had no idea of how I was going to pull off. I could have been too intimidated to accept it, but instead I believed in myself, my abilities and never gave up, even when I felt like I had nothing left to give. Venturing out of your comfort zone is uncomfortable. It’s scary, it’s stressful and it’s exhausting. You feel all of these emotions and just around the corner, is growth, reward and success. The event is over and I’m back to servicing my beautiful personal styling clients.

Australian Style Institute helped me to identify my purpose and enabled me to realise there was a career by which I could incorporate my passion for fashion and the business skills I already had. My training provided me with the equipment, tools, direction and motivation to go forth and start my own styling business. The Australian Style Institute’s unique concept of educating students on the human behaviour aspect of styling is what makes me unique and stand out from my competitors. ’Say yes and figure out how’ has become my motto in business thanks to the Australian Style Institute. It is because of this, I have accepted every opportunity that has been presented to me, with determination to succeed and the willingness to grow.

I am very passionate about instilling a positive body image into my clients mind. There is no greater feeling than to transform a person’s negative perception of themselves, into a positive one. Receiving feedback from a client after their session, explaining how incredible they feel in their new clothes and how many compliments they are receiving about their appearance, is the greatest bonus of all!

I would say “go for it”, with the understanding that you are investing in yourself and your education. Don’t assume you can sign up for the course and leave with an established styling business. This is where the hard work starts. The Australian Style Institute can provide you with an incredible head start but it’s up to you where you go from there. It can be tough starting out, I’m not going to lie – anything is hard when you’re new, trying to figure out the best route. But if you go in with an open mind and a burning desire to learn and succeed, you’ll be successful. Listen to every webinar, be active in the community. Run your own race and don’t think of your fellow stylist as competitors, but instead as partners. Share your knowledge and be willing and open to help others. If you do this, you will experience the strength of the community and you will thrive.


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