Australian Style Institute| Student Grad Program
It's time to take your love of fashion to the next level

These micro-credentials are your most powerful fashion styling and sales training tool, equipping you to be the expert fashion professional customers expect, every time.

Designed for optimal user experience, you will be instantly engaged and motivated by our expert trainers as you are guided through bite-size videos and practical activities, totalling 5 hours per micro-cred.

Leading with team success in mind, this program is supported by six months access, ability to replay lessons, micro-credential LinkedIn badges upon completion

*This is designed for individuals who are looking to up skill. Are you a business with more comprehensive needs? Check out our Certificate of Retail Styling. 
Love fashion and you're wanting to take your styling skills to the next level
Want to feel more confident in making recommendations
Want to stand out to your dream brand
Looking to gain research backed styling knowledge

Understand the fundamental role of an In-Store Stylist and the human behaviour strategies to effectively connect and build valuable rapport with customers. 

CRS1 The role of an In-Store Stylist
CRS2 Create an elevated customer experience
CRS3 Human behaviour and its impact on style
CRS4 Positive shopping: inclusive and diverse service
CRS5 Establish trust and rapport with customers
CRS6 Identify the customer's communication style
CRS7 Identify customer needs
CRS8 Navigate customer resistance
CRS9 Read the play: preparing to style the customer


Become an expert fashion professional and confidently provide accurate recommendations every time with these expansive technical styling skills.

CRS10 Develop fashion terminology and language

CRS11 Dress various body shapes

CRS12 Illusion dressing principles

CRS13 Styling principle: Structure and Flow

CRS14 Understand colour & its impact on a client

CRS15 Identify a client's wardrobe needs

CRS16 Layering & accessorising

CRS17 Sustainable styling: ROI dressing

CRS18 Deliver a Style Consultation


Make selling a seamless part of the customer experience with tools to confidently optimise engagement and nurture loyalty, driving an increase in UPT, ATV and conversion.

CRS19 3 ways to expand your sales potential

CRS20 Consistently increase UPT

CRS21 Close the sale with confidence

CRS22 Maintain & nurture deep customer relationships

CRS23 Styling multiple customers at once

CRS24 Rewarding customer loyalty

CRS25 Design and deliver in-store activations

CRS26 Work with personal shoppers to increase sales

How to identify customer attributes and apply them to garments in your store
How to understand and apply customer garment and fit preferences
How to apply illusion dressing principles to achieve the best outcome for your customers
Judgement free language that creates more positive customer interactions 
I wanted to let you know that I'm doing really well and implementing your invaluable knowledge every shift.
Melissa | Witchery

Even though I had a good client base and I thought I understood my clients, I now communicate on a different level it's based on my client's communication style, and needs.
Lauren | Victorian Retailer


I already have full-time commitments, can I still complete the course?
Whether you are a parent, full-time worker or student, our courses have been designed with the flexibility to support even the busiest people. With online learning and resources accessible anywhere, anytime you can go at a pace that suits you.

Where can I do a course?
Our micro credentials are delivered exclusively online, so you can be anywhere in the world.

What are the tuition payment options?
We want you to have options, which is why you can choose an upfront payment or a payment plan. If you are interested in all three micro credentials, you can buy them as a bundle and save 20%.

Are there pre-requisites?
Not at all. This course is most helpful for anyone who works in fashion retail or is aspiring to land a job working on the floor at their dream brand.

I have worked in retail for years. Is there anything else to learn?
Of course there is! We teach you the latest tools and techniques grounded in the principles of the psychology of shopping and human behaviour to deliver memorable customer experiences.

Do you need to complete the Micro-Credentials in order?
Absolutely not. You can consume the micro credentials in any order you choose.
From big to small, we've worked with them all. 
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