Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Australian Style Institute have fee help?

    While Australian Style Institute courses don’t have government supported places we do provide various course payment options to help you get enrolled and on the path to becoming a stylist. As a private provider of stylist training, Australian Style Institute is able to provide up-to-date, industry-relevant training that adapts to changing industry demands and requirements. Since its inception, Australian Style Institute has been committed to innovation, which has seen our stylists maintain an edge within this fast-growing industry.

  • Australian Style Institute is based in Melbourne, does that mean because I am located interstate or overseas I cannot be a student?

    Location is not a barrier as Australian Style Institute’s courses have been designed in an integrative manner so you can study from anywhere in Australia or across the world.  No matter where you are located, you will have access to our suite of innovative tools including tutorials, webinars, videos, audio files and documents. Mentoring and support is easily accessible regardless of geography this is why we have so many travel to attend our courses.  It is required that you attend five days of consecutive training in Melbourne or Sydney. Click for dates here.

  • I work full-time and lead a busy life, can I still begin my styling studies with Australian Style Institute?

    Australian Style Institute’s courses have been designed with the flexibility to support even the busiest of people. While there are specific requirements that need to be achieved throughout the duration of your course membership, classes are run in the evening and are recorded and added to our student resource center. Our online Stylists’ Resource Portal can be accessed 24/7 and offers a wealth of information that can assist you to develop your styling and business skills.

  • I’ve done a course via correspondence before and I found that I lost interest, what makes Australian Style Institute different?

    It’s the combination of face-to-face training and access to digital content, worlds largest resource library, mentoring from industry experts and support that provide Australian Style Institute’s stylists with the skills, confidence and the professional advantage to build their styling careers.

  • Are there any prerequisites to get into the course?

    Australian Style Institute’s courses are designed for people of all ages, backgrounds and there are no course prerequisites. No styling experience is necessary, our students come from different professional backgrounds, university students, retail and domestic goddesses.  However, to secure your place there is an interview, which can be completed over the phone or face-to-face. Speak to one of the team to find out what makes a successful interview.

  • Am I too old or too young to become a stylist?

    There’s no such thing as too old or too young, our students range from 16 years to 60 years young, we look for in a stylist is a hunger to learn, a strong work ethic, curiosity and someone who is determined to go after their dreams.

  • How do I know which course is right for me?

    At Australian Style Institute, we like to take the time to get to know you and help guide you towards the right course. We encourage you to get in touch with one of our team who will help you explore which course will have you on your way to achieving your styling outcomes.

  • What type of styling work can I expect to find?

    The styling industry is fast growing and now has more opportunities across different career pathways than ever before. There is paid work for stylists in the marketplace and at Australian Style Institute we notice our stylists go on to achieve incredible success in a range of styling streams including:

    Personal Styling
    Wardrobe Consulting
    Editorial Styling
    Runway Styling
    Celebrity Styling
    Corporate Styling
    Commercial Styling
    In-store Styling
    Image Consulting

  • Can I do a styling course in less time than specified in my chosen course?

    Our stylists begin styling after their 5-day certificate training. For some people, styling may be their first career and for others, it could be a career transition. In both cases we realise in order to succeed in anything new, ongoing support, guidance and development is critical. We notice as our students’ knowledge develops the nature of the questions and demands change, and that is why we have our students for the 6/12/18 month duration of the course. The ongoing support and the extensive module content is crucial to the success of our students.

  • There are many courses to choose from, why Australian Style Institute?

    When looking for a course it is important to look at one that best suits your learning style. At Australian Style Institute, we’ve found that face-to-face, hands-on learning combined with live access to the world largest styling resource library really makes the difference to our stylists. Our ongoing mentoring and student development team is what sets us apart and means our stylists are able to grow at their own pace with the support that they need to succeed faster.

    Success in styling goes beyond creativity and also lies in understanding your client. Our students are equipped with leading human behavioral skills that help them to not only build rapport, establish relationships and industry connections, but they are also able to facilitate an internal/external change with their client beyond just “looking good”. For us, a complete styling experience, whether that’s with a personal styling client or working with a celebrity, is about helping that person to both look and feel amazing. Not only do the human behavioural skills help our students to become better stylists but it also equips them with the certainty required to overcome challenges they may face in their career progression, which ultimately sets them up for success.

    In addition, human behavior helps a person understand their brand better. Our teaching methods at Australian Style Institute are not just about equipping our students with skills but to also give them the ability to recognise how they will be perceived in the market and how they might want to adapt their unique personal brand to the area of the styling industry they wish to move into. Our students benefit from the most unique and innovative transformational styling system and training approach available.

  • What does the five-day face-to-face training actually entail?

    Our students call this training life changing for a reason. You will acquire the skills, techniques and systems used by Australia’s leaders in style.

    These 5 days of consecutive training see you diving into all facets of personal styling. The first day we explore human behaviour and how to build strong rapport with your clients. You will learn the 11 Styling Success Principals, part of Australian Style Institute’s proven Styling Success System, which includes practical, hands-on and group work. This includes men’s and women’s styling, conducting a style consultation, body shape, colour, wardrobe makeover, professional shopping, building professional relationships, businesses of styling, marketing, packages and pricing and more. 

    Our trainings are designed for experiential learning you will hear the information, see it, put into practice and then take home a system that you can put into action immediately.

    Our courses cannot be compared as the content taught is unique and built by our founder Lauren Di Bartolo and is exclusive to Australian Style Institute and their students.