Student Stories

Our success speaks for itself

Whether you’re looking to embark on a new career as a professional stylist or further develop your existing skills to launch or grow your own business – Australian Style Institute will provide the training, mentoring and support you need to succeed in Australia’s thriving style and image industry.

Australia’s style and image industry is rapidly growing and full of opportunity for skilled professionals right now. More and more individuals, corporate groups and businesses are turning to fashion stylists for professional help to improve their image. Our professional stylists continue to gain coveted roles and develop inspiring careers in this field. You will find them working in television and media; styling magazine photo shoots; dressing celebrities for runway events; assisting models to develop their careers with prominent agencies; and of course providing personal styling for a vast range of clientele across the country. You too can become a part of Australian Style Institute’s growing network of accomplished professionals.

Anna Mabin

I would’ve thought you were crazy if you’d told me 18 months ago I was about to start my own personal styling business, complete over 400 hours of styling on top of my full-time career and be given the opportunity to style both locally and internationally. From styling bloggers to judging fashions on the field to assisting the style director of Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane, the opportunities have been endless. My background has included working as an event manager, wedding coordinator and beauty therapist, and this has helped me to cultivate a diverse client base. I’ve felt supported since day one of enrolling at Australian Style Institute, not only from the team but also fellow students. It’s incredibly inspiring to be part of a community that supports each other and celebrates each other’s successes like they’re their own. That in itself drives me to keep saying yes to all the opportunities that come my way and to empower my clients to feel confident in their own style.

Elise Mah Chut

Since embarking on my journey with Australian Style Institute, I have been opened up to a whole new world of opportunity, and the styling pathway has allowed me to combine my passion for business with personal style. I’ve spent the last 10 years in the corporate world working on and building brands and through that I’ve learnt we have to be consistent and clear on the image we want to present to the outside world. Australian Style Institute has been integral to my success, from the very first interview to the ongoing support through training, webinars and mentoring. I know the Australian Style Institute way of learning and development has put me a step ahead in this industry. I have since left corporate and work with leaders in business to help them achieve success through feeling confident about their image and the personal brand they are representing every day. I work with professionals one-on-one and on a corporate level delivering workshops and keynotes.

Chiara Margio

I have always been an avid thrift shopper with a love for one of a kind vintage pieces, and I’ve often been told that I have unique way of incorporating them into on trend outfits. Completing the Advanced Certificate of Styling and Image was exactly what I needed to kick start my passion and give me the skills I needed to begin my own business. My love for fashion originally arose when I was personal styling in a retail store and it was there that I realised styling was so much more than garments; it was transformational and strengthening to the mind and body. Australian Style Institute gave me the skills, knowledge, correct language and endless guidance to assist me with the work I love doing every day. I now collaborate with photographers, brands, fashion designers and magazines and have the confidence to take every opportunity that comes my way. I have also worked on many editorials including a photo shoot with Vogue photographer Nick Knight.


“Australian Style Institute will empower you with the tools you need for every step of the process”

Renee Barnett

Jindan Sun

I am the twin daughter of an entrepreneurial chef couple. This, according to family and friends, explains my good taste in all things cuisine and couture. After 10 years of working as a Project Director for international firms, I found myself continuously suggesting styling tips to colleagues and clients. It was like coming out of the closet, but for me it opened a wardrobe full of wonderful style possibilities. This lead me to the Advanced Certificate of Styling and Image at Australian Style Institute. Australian Style Institute has taught me the process and knowledge behind becoming a qualified stylist. I can genuinely say that they have made me a better person, as I have the opportunity to help my clients improve their lives. Apart from my many personal styling clients, most recently I have been working with a French sneaker brand and a local designer brand on editorial shoots. I have also worked on Channel 10’s Studio 10, assisting designer Harry Roth.


Toula Vogdanos

My story is common, but unique. I have worked in retail for many years, managing teams to success and strong sales achievements, promoting an exceptional quality of service. My customers have been all types of body shapes and style personas, but I have always endeavored to make their experience with me a positive and reassuring one. I shared in their frustration and their joy to find clothes and accessories that fit their lifestyles and bodies, but I knew my passion to help people needed to go beyond the shop floor. Australian Style Institute ticked all the boxes to help me build and learn the skills to develop my own business and pursue my dream. I learned from Australia’s leading stylist Lauren Di Bartolo and was mentored through an intense but simple system that just works. Incorporating my studies with a work life balance, I now have a successful styling business and a new life experience everyday.

Bernadette Payne

Having spent 20 years in the fashion industry, I knew I had a lot to offer as a personal stylist, but it was Australian Style Institute that really gave me the tools to turn my dream into a reality. Being part of the Australian Style Institute community has helped to keep me focused on my business goals and given me the drive and confidence to dive head first into launching ‘That’s My Style’. There was no reason to look back – only forward – with the Australian Style Institute team behind me as a strong support. The face-to-face training, mentoring and weekly online webinars suited my lifestyle as a very busy mum of three small children. I love the constant personal growth and learning that the course offers. Being awarded the Australian Style Institute Business Award for 2015 was monumental for me in realising how far I had come in just seven months. I now step into wardrobes across Sydney to help my clients define and embrace their own style. I finally feel like I am making a difference.


“The whole Australian Style Institute community is amazing and challenged my perception of what the styling and fashion industry is like. Everyone is so gorgeous and I’m so grateful.”

Sylvia Bogdanowski