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Where can I study with Australian Style Institute?

We want you to be able to study, work and thrive on your terms. Our education, resources and mentoring are designed to provide flexibility for remote learning and balancing studies between work and personal life.

Our courses are completed by students globally. Every student begins with our foundation course, Certificate of Fashion Styling which is available in-person (Melbourne, Perth and Sydney) or completely online.

Advanced Certificate of Creative Styling and Masters Certificate of Professional Styling each have in-person training in Melbourne and are supported by 6 months of online exercises.

Has styling changed since COVID-19 and is there work for Stylists?

What’s become apparent over this time is the varied and new opportunities opening up in the world of styling.

The increased demand for Professional Styling and Virtual Styling has transformed the opportunities available for trained stylists. Location barriers no longer exist and as we turn towards making more conscious buying decisions, the skills and knowledge of fashion stylists has never been more valuable.

Career pathways are continuing to evolve and there’s never been a more exciting time to be in this rewarding industry.

Can you tell me more about Personal and Editorial Styling?

The role of a Person Stylist is client focussed, using your skills and knowledge to assist in the curation of a desired client wardrobe or look. Personal styling goes beyond just the clothes we wear and requires a deeper understanding of human behaviour and how it impacts a clients style and confidence. The Certificate of Fashion Styling Course will equip you with the skills required to become a professional Personal Stylist.

Editorial Styling is one of the most sought after roles in the fashion styling industry. Collaborating with photographers, models, hair stylists and makeup artists, an Editorial Stylist’s role is to transform a creative vision into captivating visuals for publications, advertising, print and more. The Advanced Certificate of Creative Styling course will develop your creative direction and styling skills to work as an editorial, commercial, runway and red carpet stylist.

There are many courses to choose from, why Australian Style Institute?

Our 5 star online reviews say our education is transformative and the proof is in the hundreds of coveted roles our stylists are landing.

Unlike many other educational institutions, we specialise solely in styling, with courses designed to provide the most valuable industry opportunities and experiences so you can launch your styling business or chosen career immediately.

Our courses cannot be compared as our Styling Success System theories and techniques are built by our founder Lauren Di Bartolo, exclusive to Australian Style Institute.

Are there any prerequisites to start studying with Australian Style Institute?

There is no prerequisites or styling experience necessary to enter into our foundation course: Certificate of Fashion Styling.

To secure your place a friendly Student Advisor will review your enrolment application with you in a 20 minute interview, either in-person, via phone or an online video call. This is so you can ask any questions, and we can get an understanding of your objectives, direct you to your best-suited course and ensure that we’re the right fit for each other. From there, you’re then ready to go!

If I choose to study in-person, what does the beginning intensive training entail?

Our students call this form of training life changing for a reason. The in-person intensive training is designed as experiential learning. You will hear the information from experts, collaborate with other creatives and put your skills into practice. From conducting style consultations to wardrobe strategies and even styling your own photoshoots in Advanced training.

I live overseas, can you tell me more about the online training?

With opportunities for professional stylists growing fast and the need for flexible study options ever-evolving, we offer immersive virtual learning experiences so you can learn from anywhere in the world. Our online learning facilities include personal access to intensive training and exercises, as well as the world’s largest resource library housing the latest video, audio and downloadable documents for stylists.

You will be supported throughout your training with regular mentoring via phone or video calls and have access to our members-only student community of professional networking and styling opportunities.

What are the career options available after training?

We specialise in Fashion Styling and equip you with the business and marketing skills required to launch your career immediately in various areas of the Fashion Styling Industry. Our graduates have gone on to launch personal styling businesses, working with clients directly to curate personal wardrobes. Or work with high profile names and brands like Harpers Bazaar, Oscar Hunt, GQ, VAMFF, Grazia, Hugo Boss to style models for publications and advertising photoshoots.

Some career pathways include:

Personal, Editorial, Corporate, Virtual, Sustainable & Celebrity Styling.

Marketing, Image Consulting, In-store styling and more.


I'm ready! How do I get started?

After taking a read of our Course Guide, the next step is to submit your enrolment application. This includes a 20 minute phone chat with our friendly Student Advisor who can help guide you with options that best suit your styling career goals.

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