How to Become a Virtual Stylist

Published on 14 April 2020
by ASI Team
Category: Industry Insights

From fashion and beauty, to groceries and movies, online shopping has become the new norm with over 1.8 billion people purchasing online each year. We are especially spoilt for choice when it comes to fashion, and we’re not just talking about what’s listed on your favourite retailer’s “New In” page. There’s now also countless platforms to have in your “Online Shopping Toolkit” such as Honey and Shopback, plus rewards programs and Members Only subscriptions to help you make informed decisions. 

This provides great customer benefits without having to leave the comfort of your own home, however navigating a noisy online market can still be understandably overwhelming for many. Some are also stopped in their scrolling for fear of retailers delivery and returns policies, knowing which fabric blends to choose without the touch or predicting the fit and shape from a pic. This has presented a truly exciting opening in the market for accredited Virtual Stylists, especially those who are quickly adapting and leveraging this evolution. 

ASI Virtual Stylist

What is a Virtual Stylist

Just like a Personal Stylist, Fashion Stylist, Wardrobe Consultant or Image Consultant, a Virtual Stylist is trained in identifying a client’s personal style and helping guide them in making more effective fashion purchases which sees them both feel and look great. Rather than meeting with the client in-person, a virtual stylist will often conduct consultations via video platforms like Skype, Facetime or Zoom, or use pictures and online questionnaires. They will then use their skills and knowledge to source and purchase from online retailers, creating an end-to-end touch free experience for their clients. This opens up boundless international opportunities for a virtual stylist and their client base. 

“Expert fashion styling from anywhere in the world, at your convenience.”

How to become a Virtual Stylist

Whether you’re looking to embark on a new career as a Professional Stylist, including virtual styling, or further develop your existing skills to launch or grow your own business – Australian Style Institute provides the training, mentoring and support you need to succeed in the thriving fashion styling industry.  Our pioneering courses see students garner the psychological and practical edge to succeed, covering everything from innovative tools and personal branding through to the human behavioural techniques required for a virtual transformational styling. 

With opportunities for professional stylists growing fast and the need for flexible learning options, we offer immersive virtual learning experiences so you can study online from anywhere in the world. Our online learning facilities include personal access to intensive training and exercises as well as the world’s largest resource library of video, audio and downloadable documents. Enrolments are now open for our Certificate of Fashion Styling. 

How to Become a Virtual Stylist

Virtual Open Day

We recently held a Virtual Open Day which featured our Founder Lauren Di Bartolo and Editorial Photographer Jason Lau. They dive deep into the career options for stylists and the skills and training needed to become one. Experience the life of a stylist for yourself by watching our Virtual Open Day online for free here.

Opportunities for Virtual Stylists.

As a graduate of Australian Style Institute, there are many varied career pathways to choose from including personal styling, runway styling, editorial styling, virtual styling and more. With the skills acquired, many of our graduates choose to launch their own styling business conducting both in-person and virtual styling consultations. Clients are especially wanting to experience the perks of shopping online but are looking for direction from trained experts as they become more discerning in their purchases. And with no limits to location, Virtual Stylists are able to provide a unique flexibility to connect with clients from around the world and at any time of the year. Check out some of our Successful ASI Stylists like Tina from Trash to Treasured or Jess from Curate and Style making their mark in the Virtual Styling world.

Beyond 1:1 Personal Styling, the role of a stylist is quickly expanding with many independent retailers now seeking new, integrated approaches to build customer traffic beyond a bricks and mortar store. 

As a Virtual Stylist, you have the freedom of working for a company or as your own boss, and with flexible working hours and services. Some might say it is a dream job (and we tend to agree!). 

Study Online to Become a Virtual Stylist

Apply to become a Virtual Stylist

If becoming a Virtual Stylist has sparked your interest and you’d like to learn more about our industry leading courses, our Certificate of Fashion Styling course is the best place to start. Completed over 6 months in person or online, you will gain a deep understanding of the link between human behaviour and how it impacts a client’s style and confidence, creating a transformative experience for both you and your client. In this 6 month course, you will be equipped with the language, strategies and templates to price and package your services to thrive in this growing industry. The beauty of this course is that it too is virtual, allowing you to learn from anywhere in the world at a pace that suits you and at the end, become an accredited Professional Stylist.

For more detailed course information, download your free course guide here.

Or if you are keen to get started, submit an application today as spots are limited.


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