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6 Australian Jewellery Brands to Know ↘

16 August

As Stylists, we know the kind of power accessories can hold, and the benefit in having a few favourite go-to labels up your sleeve (pun intended).

So we’re sharing our 6 favourite Australian jewellery brands to get across. Some are affordable, some are fine jewellery, but they have one thing in common – they’re all pretty amazing.

The Ultimate Men’s Style Guide ↘

30 June

When it comes to style, it’s long been dominated by women’s fashion. But luckily for all the stylish men out there, menswear is catching up big time! Read on as we give you the fashion tips you need around what dress codes actually mean, which trends to follow and how to dress with the seasons.

How to bring confidence back to your style ↘

05 May

In honour of Mother’s Day, ASI graduate and Personal Stylist, Lisa Naumann, dives into something that many women struggle with – how to bring confidence back to your style after having children.

We deconstruct Dopamine Dressing ↘

27 April

You’ve probably heard of Dopamine Dressing. But what does the term actually mean (apart from being a cute alliteration)? We sat down with our founder, Lauren Di Bartolo, to deconstruct the latest buzz term in the fashion industry.

What is the Future of Fashion Designing? ↘

25 February

Here at ASI we know that fashion design and styling go hand in hand, and with the industry constantly evolving it can be hard to keep up! Read on to discover the current trends and the impact they’ll have on Styling.

This is What’s on Our Christmas Wish List ↘

24 November

A sneak peak at the brands and items on our team’s Christmas wish lists this year.

5 Things I’ve Learnt from Buying Second Hand ↘

28 September

Looking to embrace thrifting? ASI’s Sustainable Stylist shares her top 5 lessons from buying second-hand.

6 Vintage Lovers Share Their Favourite Family Heirlooms ↘

21 July

We take a peek into the wardrobes of 6 vintage lovers and see how they style their most treasured hand-me-downs.

10 Essentials for a Menswear Wardrobe ↘

18 June

Do you have all 10 of these items in your wardrobe? In light of Men’s Health Week, ASI sustainable stylist Jenna Flood lists the essentials for a versatile men’s wardrobe.

How to Shop your own Wardrobe ↘

18 May

Going shopping? Well, have you considered hitting up your own wardrobe first? Our ASI Sustainability stylist gives you the top 5 reasons you should.

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