Advanced Fashion Styling (Level 2)

Editorial Stylist
Commercial Stylist
Creative Director
TV & Wardrobe Stylist
Runway Stylist

Course Overview

Gain skills in the most in-demand areas of styling as this course equips you to become both a professional Personal Stylist and Editorial Stylist. Including the foundations of fashion styling from Level 1, you will then build on this knowledge and turn your creative flair into editorial success.

Whether that be magazine publications, fashion campaigns or commercials, these collaborative editorial styling skills will help you step into the studio as an industry-ready stylist. You will complete your course with the confidence of having styled your own photoshoot, which will open doors to industry opportunities.

Course Features

Flexible Online Learning


Weekly Industry Mentoring

No Prerequisites

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  • The Psychology of Style
  • Client Consultation & Framework
  • Virtual Styling
  • Body Shape & Illusion Dressing
  • Colour Application
  • Wardrobe Curation
  • Personal Shopping

For more information on Level 1 topics, head to Fashion Styling.

Level 2 Topics

Fashion can be the vehicle to take an audience on a journey, whether it is fantasy to realism. A moodboard is the visual tool used to convey the concept, aesthetic or mood, and determine the direction of the shoot or campaign. In this module, you will learn how to successfully compose a moodboard, including key components such as fashion and accessories to poses, hair, makeup, lighting and models. Stylists can also often be the Creative Director of a shoot, which means the location, props, and overall mood are important considerations.

A photoshoot involves many moving parts and people, that together create a successful outcome. Most of the hard work happens in the planning and sourcing before you even get on set, but once there, organisation, set-up and garment preparation are paramount. In this module, you will learn all the steps to successfully prepare for and style a studio and on location photoshoot, whether it is for editorial, advertorial or campaign purposes.

Sourcing garments isn’t as simple as heading into a store and pulling them off the rack. Considerations such as agreements and contingency plans need to be put in place to help bring the overall concept to life. In this lesson you will learn how to develop relationships with designers and PR Agencies to source and loan garments and accessories, as well as how to prepare and care for wardrobe items when they are on set.

The demands of a Runway Stylist have evolved, from traditional back of house styling to real-time streaming and ‘shopping the runway’ instantly. Here you will learn your role, how to develop key relationships and plan for a runway or event production.

Your success as an Editorial stylist largely relies on the professional network you build. Not only does this provide the necessary collaborative skills to deliver on a brief, but unlocks a new level of opportunities and inspiration. In this module you will learn the role that each creative plays and how they integrate collectively to deliver on a job.

The most sought-after part of editorial styling comes after the photoshoot – getting published. While it can seem elusive, we’ll teach you the tips and tricks for getting your work in print (physically or digitally) and the industry standard for crediting all creative work you’re involved in. This will help to build your folio of work, an essential tool to define your aesthetic in the Editorial Styling industry and book future work that meets your styling goals.

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