6 Australian Jewellery Brands to Know

Published on 16 August 2023
by ASI Team
Category: Inspire

As Stylists, we know the importance of accessories. They can be the cherry on top of a great outfit, or the saviours that pull a look together, making the difference between whether or not it works.

With this kind of power, it’s good to have a few favourite go-to labels up your sleeve (pun intended). So I’m sharing with you my 6 favourite Australian jewellery brands to get across. Some are affordable, some are fine jewellery, but they have one thing in common – they’re all pretty amazing.

1. Anna Rossi
First up for the fashion lovers is Anna Rossi jewellery. This Australian brand caught people’s eye for their own high-quality version of the popular Bottega earrings, but also some more interesting pieces that are unique to the brand itself. With a timeless quality originally inspired by her Nonna’s jewellery collection, Anna’s pieces can be made-to-order from her studio in Melbourne.

2. Hamish Munro
This brand feels like one of those hidden bars that you’ve got to be in the know to find. Hamish Munro produces some of the most beautiful pieces of jewellery, with a focus on rings. Some of them do incorporate diamonds and stones, but the key feature to these pieces is the sculptural element that makes them so incredible. A piece like this, you’d always want to have on your hand. 

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3. Millie Savage
Moving on to maximalism is Millie Savage, who produces some of the most interesting and artisanal jewellery out of her Melbourne studio. There’s something really beautiful and bespoke about her pieces. They don’t really fit a trend and as a stylist, that’s always something I’m looking for because they can stay in a client’s wardrobe forever. I mean, just look at the colour of the stones that she uses!

Next up and on the other end of the spectrum is ŞENER BESIM, the kind of aesthetic for the person who likes attention to detail, high quality and something that not everyone else is going to have. I mean, sometimes simple really is better and this brand is a prime example of that.

5. Linden Cook
If beauty and sentiment are important to you, then Linden Cook might be the way to go. The ability to put a fingerprint on a piece of jewellery, whether it’s yours or someone special, is something truly amazing and a gorgeous way to keep a loved one close to your chest.

6. Francesca
And last but in no way least, Francesca is a label that I think is really great for gifting, particularly if you know that person who likes finer pieces or anything to do with birthstones. And like you can see here in this beautiful collection of earrings, a Francesca lover generally likes to stack the pieces.

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Lauren Di Bartolo, Stylist & Founder


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