Got a creative eye? Love to collaborate with others? Perhaps Editorial Styling is the perfect career for you. Read on to find out exactly what an Editorial Stylist does, or take the quiz to discover which career in styling suits you best.

What is an Editorial Stylist?

An editorial stylist is responsible for sourcing garments and accessories, and putting together looks for a photoshoot in a way which captures the brief and is on brand for the designer, brand or publication commissioning the shoot. Editorial Stylists have the ability to challenge beliefs, change opinions and express emotions through clothing. Often the responsibilities of an Editorial Stylist can include location scouting, garment sourcing and even set designing.

What qualities do Editorial Stylists need?

While a stylist’s primary job is to source and style garments, they will often be involved in developing the concept of the shoot, briefing the creative team as well as styling and directing the entire shoot from makeup to hair and even assisting with location sourcing. Organization and good people management skills are essential for Editorial Stylists. 

We’re not just talking about a #passionforfashion, a trained Editorial Stylist can creatively interpret a brief, think outside the box and collaborate effectively to bring a vision to life.

Relationship Building
Editorial Stylists work closely with brands, models, photographers and artists. *That’s a lot of personalities to navigate* While you may not have those relationships in the beginning, it is crucial to gain the skills and experience to help build those relationships and study somewhere which gives you the opportunity to meet people in the industry.

What are the opportunities in Editorial Styling?

Becoming a qualified Editorial Stylist opens the door to so many creative opportunities. Here are some of the most popular opportunities available.

Styling for magazine photoshoots

ASI Stylist Kristin Cramer’s work on the front cover of Dappy magazine.

Styling for brands and commercial photoshoots

Tony Bianco campaign imagery styled by ASI Stylist, Aaron Mitchell

Styling artists and musicians for photoshoots

ASI Stylist, Sara De La Cruz, styling musician Eves Karydas for her music video.

How to become a Editorial Stylist

Education and connection my friend! ASI Founder, Lauren Di Bartolo, says “I remember being frustrated that styling schools seemed to only offer one or the other. You need both skills and connections to the industry to become a successful stylist.” That’s why in our Advanced Fashion Styling course, students learn how to effectively apply their creativity to real life photoshoots and graduate ready to step into the editorial styling industry.

Editorial Stylists earn an average of $ 00 an hour

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