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Wear the Damn Bikini ↘

10 February

Personal Stylist and Australian Style Institute Trainer, Claire Jensen, shares her journey to self-confidence in swimwear and challenges you to join the SGAF movement…

How to bring confidence back to your style ↘

05 May

In honour of Mother’s Day, ASI graduate and Personal Stylist, Lisa Naumann, dives into something that many women struggle with – how to bring confidence back to your style after having children.

Introducing Our New Melbourne and Sydney Campuses ↘

30 November

Get a peek into our brand new ASI headquarters…

The Numbers Game: Why Size Shouldn’t Matter ↘

28 October

Ever felt personally victimised by sizing in Australian fashion? You’re not alone. Personal Stylist and Australian Style Institute Trainer, Claire Jensen, answers why sizing is so inconsistent and how to overcome this when shopping.

5 Things I’ve Learnt from Buying Second Hand ↘

28 September

Looking to embrace thrifting? ASI’s Sustainable Stylist shares her top 5 lessons from buying second-hand.

9 Podcasts That Are Motivating These Entrepreneurs ↘

19 August

First-hand podcast recommendations from our friends who know a thing or two about running a business.

6 Vintage Lovers Share Their Favourite Family Heirlooms ↘

21 July

We take a peek into the wardrobes of 6 vintage lovers and see how they style their most treasured hand-me-downs.

From our Founder: The One Thing Every Stylist Has ↘

26 May

Of all the questions I’ve been asked, there’s one that has taken the most consideration – despite it being a one word answer.

What Makes an Award Winning Stylist? ↘

20 January

Meet our 2020 award winning stylists who took their personal styling, editorial styling and celebrity styling skills to the next level this year.

Our Team’s Christmas Wish List ↘

27 November

Need some gift inspo? Here’s what’s on our Christmas wish lists in 2020

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