What Makes an Award Winning Stylist?

Published on 20 January 2021
by ASI Team
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What are the ASI Style Awards?

The ASI Style Awards are held annually and designed to recognise and celebrate the students, stylists and alumni who have demonstrated success and excellence in the industry. Students and stylists can nominate themselves and their peers across each of our 5 award categories. Winners are announced on the night of the awards ceremony which is traditionally a huge themed party at ASI HQ.

The 2020 Style Awards

This year the Style Awards was held virtually, with hundreds of our ASI community tuning in from around the globe. And, while we may not have been able to celebrate in-person, it didn’t stop us from hosting everyone to a themed awards ceremony to sign off the extraordinary year that was 2020.

This year’s theme ‘In Full Bloom’ was inspired by the adaptability, resilience and growth that our natural surroundings have highlighted to us throughout 2020. The events mixed media invitations were styled and photographed by our Founder, Lauren Di Bartolo, and features her good friend Nu Dastaran. As a front line health worker and woman on a mission, Nu is a creative representation of strength and the ability to grow through the unexpected in our own way.

So, let’s introduce you to ASI’s 2020 Style Award winners and what made them so deserving of their crowns! Pass the tissues…

2020 Stylist of the Year

Brooke Falvey

This award category encompasses all aspects of styling, from business to boundary pushing creativity, and recognises the student or alumni that has achieved outstanding success in 2020. Success is defined by someone who is actively going after what they want and getting the ultimate results doing it. They are determined, resilient and bloomin’ amazing! 

Brooke says: “I just really appreciate that ASI has such confidence in me and such a belief in all the really weird sh*t I do. And ASI really was the best decision of my life.” ⠀

We’re not crying, you are!⠀

Some of Brooke’s 2020 highlights have been: ⠀

  • Styling actors Ioan Gruffudd and Jolene Anderson for ABC’s Tv show Harrow.⠀
  • Getting a last minute call to style three models in 20+ outfits for the Winter Garden Brisbane shoot.⠀
  • Helping showcase a huge list of Australian fashion brands in new and creative ways across her social and digital platforms in true Brooke style (seriously check her IGTV).

Congratulations Brooke, you absolute superstar! We are so inspired watching you put your 2020 Master’s training into practice and flourishing in the fashion styling industry. (Yes, you read right – Brooke only just completed her final course with us and look at what she’s already achieved!)

Visit Brooke’s website or follow her on Instagram for daily styling inspo.

2020 Alumni of the Year

Jess Ryan

ASI style awards jess ryan

This award recognises the Professional Alumni Network member who has been blossoming beyond the classroom. They are passionately cultivating their styling business whether it be commercially, creatively or through innovation.

Jess says: “I’ve had so many wins these past three years, and it feels like no one truly understands, so this award feels like everyone is celebrating with me, and that’s beautiful.”

2020 allowed Jess to refocus and reflect on her Personal Styling business model which resulted in some amazing online expansions. Leveraging social media platforms like Instagram, Jess used educational styling content to authentically grow her client portfolio. Jess launched her Styling Concierge Service allowing clients to receive a personalised collection of garments straight to their door! The new year is looking bright for Jess who is now booked out and looking to grow her team. 💃

A huge congratulations Jess and we can’t wait to see what 2021 brings!

Visit Jess’ website here or connect with her on Instagram.

2020 Student of the Year

Hope Shadbolt

Australian Style Institute Style Awards 2020

This award recognises the most conscientious student. They are dedicated to their studies, active within the ASI community and eager to grow.

Hope says: “I grew up in a small community where I didn’t have a lot of creativity around me, so I’ve always been a bit of a lone ranger. I’m so passionate and grateful. To get an award, it really puts the cherry on the cake.”

Regionally based, Hope enrolled in the Online Certificate of Fashion Styling course in early 2020 after being unfulfilled with a design course. Throughout the year, we witnessed her flourish as an engaged and eager ASI student and stylist in the making. Hope has proven that there are no boundaries to pursuing your dream career. While studying to become a Professional Stylist, she has also launched her own online boutique Our Annalise #superwoman!

A huge congratulations to Hope and we cannot wait to see what 2021 holds for you.

See more of Hope’s styling work here.

2020 Creative Excellence

Antonio Chiocca

Australian Style Institute Style Awards 2020

This award recognises the person that has collaborated on photoshoots and flourished in a creative environment. The winner will have worked on at least three photoshoots in 2020, as either a Head Stylist or in an assisting role.

“Creative Styling highlights that fashion is not just pretty clothes on people, there’s more behind it. Don’t be afraid to be who you are. That’s the message for me; don’t be afraid to express yourself and just be yourself. Have fun with it.”

Some words to describe Antonio and his styling work would be:

  • Progressive
  • Boundary-pushing
  • Expressive
  • Ambitious
  • and oh, so creatively excellent!

But don’t just take it from us, see his published work for yourselves in magazines like: Sicky Magazine Fienfh VGXW Magazine and Contributor Magazine

Congratulazioni Antonio! Staying true to your values will see you go far and we will continue to be your ultimate cheerleaders.

See more of Antonio’s styling work on his website or visit his Instagram

2020 One to Watch (1 of 2)

Emelia Morris

Australian Style Institute Style Awards 2020

This award recognises the person who lives by the ASI mantra ‘say yes and figure out how’. They are making early traction in their studies or business, and show promise that the seeds they are planting today will bloom in the seasons to come.

Emelia says: “This has definitely been a challenging year, but it’s also been my most successful one professionally.”

Challenging but incredibly rewarding, some of Emelia’s highlights this year have been:

Congratulations Emelia, your determination and hard work this year has been incredible! But as we say, the best is yet to come.

Visit Emelia’s website here or connect with her on Instagram

2020 One to Watch (2 of 2)

Michelle Beltrame

Australian Style Institute Style Awards 2020

Michelle says: “I’ve put my heart and so much time into it, and to have that extra recognition just means the world. Thank you so much!”

2020 was an equally impressive year of opportunities for Michelle including:

Visit Michelle’s website to learn more about her services or connect with her on Instagram


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