The ASI Edit.

Sustainable Designing with Jillian Boustred ↘

15 July

When buying a new jumper for your wardrobe, do you think about the hands who made it or how the style came about? I discover more about the process by chatting to Australian designer Jillian Boustred.

One Turtleneck – Five Ways ↘

15 June

ASI Graduate and Sustainable Stylist Jenna Flood shows you how to style a black turtle neck in five different ways. Proving again that investing in high quality pieces are well worth it.

A Beginners Glossary To Sustainable Fashion ↘

22 April

Whilst the relationship between fashion and the environment has become a hot topic, there is increasing confusion about what Sustainable Fashion actually means.

5 Easy Habits to Introduce for a Sustainable Wardrobe ↘

20 March

Kicking a habit can be tough. Especially when you are a die-hard fashion lover on the lookout for a bargain. It’s so addictive to walk out of a store with all the latest trends but  unfortunately, our planet is paying for your bargain.

5 Sustainable Brands We’re Lusting For ↘

21 February

Gone are the days of thinking of sustainable fashion as tie-dye explosions or drab, shapeless garments. These designers are paving the way for a new world of fashion without harming the Earth, and we can’t get enough of them! 

Sustainability Expert Jenna Flood Answers 9 of Our Most Pressing Questions ↘

31 January

Jenna Flood: How To Navigate Sustainable Fashion 

What is Fast Fashion? Everything to Know ↘

31 January

Whether it’s Gucci pledging to become carbon neutral, outrage over high fashion brands burning unsold stock or extinction rebellion protesting London fashion week, sustainability is THE topic of the moment in fashion.

The ‘Millennial Farmer’ on why wool matters ↘

22 May

Wool Week 2019 is here and to celebrate we spoke with Anthony Close, a young and innovative Victorian wool farmer, on how wool is the answer to fashion’s problematic environmental footprint.