How to Shop your own Wardrobe

Published on 18 May 2021
by ASI Team
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Picture this: you see an amazing outfit on your style icon, rush out to buy that entire look, only to realise – you already own similar garments right down to the shape, fit and even colour. If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone!

So, what is the solution to this needless spending? Would you believe it can be as simple as learning to love what we already own, by shopping our own wardrobe. This savvy tactic gives us endless benefits compared to impulse shopping, so read on to find out the top five reasons this can help you save your style, as well as the environment.


1. Lock Down your Personal Style

Creating our own personal style can be hard, as we’re constantly bombarded with urgent ‘you need this now’ type fashion advertising. When we succumb to that advertising, our wardrobe can reflect this by becoming a bit of a mish-mash of trends. It can then be difficult to piece outfits together as you may lack the basics.

But if you take a step back from that advertising, have a little shopping-fast and wardrobe declutter (I promise it isn’t as scary as it sounds!) then you can begin to define your personal style. This will help create a wardrobe that is built for you and your lifestyle, and avoid having a packed wardrobe of items you liked on influencers but don’t enjoy wearing yourself.

2. Stop the Scroll

Put down the credit card! Do you really need a pair of black jeans? Or should we say ‘another’ pair? Take a deep dive into your wardrobe before you even think of browsing online or heading out to shop. 

Still convinced you have to get it? Pause and sleep on it for 24 hours (even longer if you can) or add it to your wish list. Often we shop out of impulse, habit or are driven by emotions. Feel the need to scroll? Delete the ASOS app, step outside and take a walk instead. Removing temptation and replacing that shopping habit with a more positive one means fewer unnecessary purchases and more money saved. It’s a win-win!


3. Fall Back in Love

Each time we spend money on a garment we are saying ‘I love this and will wear it forever’ but on average we may just wear it around seven times or, even worse, just once before we bin it.

So to lessen the impact on your bank account and the Earth, think about the garments you already own and experiment with different ways of styling them. Learn to love and appreciate the current contents of your wardrobe and treat them like the good friends they are. Pinterest is a great tool to use for outfit inspiration. Type in the garment you are struggling to style and a bunch of new and creative options will pop up for you to try!

BONUS TIP: How many outfits can you make from one garment? Make it a challenge and see what looks you can create from your favourite piece.

4. Save those $$$

Time to make the Barefoot Investor proud! Creating a wardrobe we love while saving money is the holy grail of every wardrobe-owner. Often, we spend our money on what we THINK we need rather than what we ACTUALLY need. But if we make small habit changes (like shopping our wardrobes instead of whipping out that bright orange card) we can balance that seesaw and save some money for more exciting things – like heading out to show off these amazing new outfit combinations we’ve created!


5. Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

Fashion trends come and go but are often circular, so if you have last years’ flared jeans stashed in the back of your wardrobe – you’re in luck, because guess what’s on trend again! While this is not a cue for you to buy up all the latest trends and tuck them into the back of your wardrobe ready for next year, it does mean you get more bang for your buck on the favourite pair of jeans you already own.

So, before you do consider buying something that is on-trend, take a look at your wardrobe and see what you already own that’s similar. Bonus Earth Day points if you can DIY it.

These are just the top five reasons to embrace shopping your wardrobe before heading to the big stores. So are you ready to up your style game and help our home planet?

If you still need a little help to combat those shopping urges, team up with an ASI trained stylist with a passion for sustainability, who can show you how to make your shopping choices more planet-friendly. As a slow fashion stylist, I focus on curating an ethical wardrobe that’s free of excess and built just for you.

By Jenna Flood

ASI Sustainable Stylist

Jenna studied her Masters Certificate of Professional Styling with Australian Style Institute and is now a Personal and Editorial Stylist based in Melbourne. Interested in sustainable fashion? You can find more of Jenna’s articles here.


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