The ASI Edit.

Upcycling Hacks for Vintage Clothing ↘

04 September

Found a perfect vintage blazer but it’s just a tad boxy? or a rare vintage denim piece that needs a little altering? Don’t let that stop you, instead, find inspiration here to upcycle and repurpose your vintage finds for unique and tailored looks!

COVID 19 Update: Class is back in session! ↘

16 June

We are excited to be taking a step forwards in re-opening enrolments for in-person training from August 2020 onwards, where we will be welcoming students back into our classrooms in Melbourne (HQ), Sydney and Perth.

Go behind the scenes of ASI’s re-brand with Lauren Di Bartolo ↘

28 May

If we’re using styling terms, well then we’ve given our brand a wardrobe refresh. From bold new colours that match our attitude, to transforming our education online, we’re empowering tomorrow’s stylists. In fact, that’s even our new tagline!

Creative Ways the Fashion Industry has Responded to COVID. ↘

30 April

With the challenges and changes that come with a global pandemic, brands are finding creative ways to stay relevant and true to their values. Read more to see how these 7 brands have adapted.

How to Become a Personal Stylist Online ↘

09 April

We live in an ever-evolving world that emphasises the importance of digital platforms. Each day, more services are moving online, and that includes Personal Styling. Learn how to take your styling services to an online world.

Locked Down or Leveling Up During COVID-19? ↘

01 April

To our much loved ASI community and beyond, we wanted to share with you some things in place at Australian Style Institute to minimise the disruption for students, so your aspirations don’t have to wait.

All the gifts the ASI team want this year! ↘

20 December

There are five days till Christmas, and I’m guessing if you’re reading this article you fall into one of three categories.

Tristan Jud: Fashion Photography in Perth ↘

27 November

Tristan Jud is one of Perth’s leading fashion photographers. From shooting street style looks at Sydney and Melbourne Fashion Week, to capturing Katy Perry at a runway series in Perth last year, this easy-going and humble photographer, had a chat with with us on how he “fell into fashion photography.”

Sylvia Bogdanowski: From HR to Stylist to Fashion Designer ↘

02 August

How do you go from Human Resources to Stylist to Fashion Designer?

Everything you need to know about 70s, 80s & 90s Fashion. ↘

05 June

Have you found yourself rummaging through your mum’s suitcase of old clothes searching for that perfect leather skirt she wore in the 80’s? Have you sifted through rows of jam-packed racks to find an op-shop bargain? Or spent hours scrolling through Etsy, Ebay and Depop to find a vintage one-of-a-kind?