14 Sustainable Fashion Influencers to Follow in 2020

Published on 09 October 2020
by ASI Team
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Trends come and go, but style is forever, especially sustainable style! Keen to get back to your core fashion values and see more #sustainablefashion in your feed? Then let us share just 14 sustainable style influencers worth a follow! Not only do they share epic thrifted style inspo but there is a wealth of knowledge we can learn from these sustainable fashion fanatics. From advocating for garment workers rights, mixing thrifted with ethical brands or even just sharing their journey, one eco step at a time – this community is pushing for a fairer and more ethical fashion industry in the most stylish way possible. Let’s get involved!

Sustainable style influencers on Instagram


1. Faye De Lanty @fayedelanty

Faye is the Vogue Queen of the thrift world! Her maximalist outfits draw inspiration from the runways with nearly every single item sourced from an op shop. Faye sure knows how to accessorise, her large collection of brooches and scarves is legendary. And did I mention that she is a certified Eco Stylist for Salvos Stores and a regular on the breakfast tv circuit?

Why you should follow Faye.

This eco queen is a certified chameleon dresser, invoking looks from Vivienne Westwood, stealing blazers from her partner’s wardrobe (who also has amazing style) and concocting epic brooch and scarf creations that wouldn’t seem out of place at NYFW.


2. Hannah Klose @nevereverpayretail

With the majority of her preloved street-chic outfits under $20, Hannah is as thrifty as they come. Her website features a map of all the opshops in Australia (perfect for travelling), and a blog section with her top thrifting locations and all the tips you could need.

Why you should follow Hannah.

Hannah’s catchphrase is “Never ever pay retail” and she really lives by it. Her knowledge of the best op shops and thrift spots is not to be missed by any thrifty eco-warrior.


3. Alex van Os @op_shop_to_runway

If you have ever had one of those “I have nothing to wear” days, Alex is your vintage clad hero. Her creative outfit ensembles are the key to any bad outfit day. As well as being incredibly fashionable, Alex is also the stylist for SBS TV and a Red Cross Ambassador.

Why you should follow Alex.

Alex is currently completing a No New Clothes challenge for 2020, she has a stack of IGTV videos full of outfit creation ideas (such as how to wear bold, statement shirts) and she also showcases her weekly OOTD’s. Her dedication to shopping her wardrobe and wearing vintage is inspirational.


4. Maggie Zhou @yemagz

A self-described word scribbler and slow fashion wearer, Maggie Zhou is a #reweardontcare activist. Debunking the myth that once its worn on the ‘gram it should never be seen again. Her articles for Fashion Journal (plus others) call for change in the fashion industry and explore other themes such as skincare and race.

Why you should follow Maggie.

Maggie’s exploration of individual style through colour and shape is a refreshing change from neutral tones. She is also creating noise with her podcast, Culture Club, chatting about pop culture, current affairs and the internet with fellow media slashie – Jasmine Wallis.


5. Laura Wells @iamlaurawells

Body positivity model/activist, Laura Wells is dedicated to advocating for not only cleaner oceans but also fairer fashion industry.

Why you should follow Laura.

Her Instagram not only features a selection of sustainable fashion brands but also highlights major environmental issues such as ocean health, she is a marine biologist after all. Laura also shares her daily lifestyle that focuses on leaving a lighter footprint upon our earth.


6. Sir David Attenborough @davidattenborough

Bet you didn’t expect the OG sustainability influencer here? Although very new to the world of Instagram, Attenborough has already gained a following of 5.5 million! For more than 60 years, Sir David Attenborough has devoted himself to informing humanity about the beauty and fragility of the natural world and is iconic for his nature documentaries (A Life On Our Planet is now streaming on Netflix).

Why follow David?

Ok so we might not follow him to keep updated with the latest Gucci trends but you can be sure that his clothing isn’t from your nearest fast fashion store. He can be seen wearing natural fibres in classic cuts in his documentaries. A younger David also had some serious style, as pointed out by GQ <<this is a must see! His message to protect our planet, nature and invest in our future generations is an important one, and something we all need to hear.


7. Mahalia Handley @mahaliafromaustralia

Maori/Irish body-positive model Mahalia is pushing for more diversity in the fashion industry. Her self founded (with activist Shareefa J) non for profit, Shine4Diversity is on a mission to create equal opportunities for all ethnicities and promote racial inclusion in the media.

Why you should follow Mahalia.

Mahalia sheds light on her struggles with tokenism during her 10 plus years in the industry. She is instrumental is speaking out about diversity and actioning change within all media industries.


8. Nina Gbor @ecostyles

Eco-Stylist/Speaker/Writer, Nina Gbor is a slow fashion advocate with a penchant for vintage fashion. Her current role at RMIT as a Sustainable Fashion Tutor enables Nina to share her knowledge with the next generation. Her recent article on fashion waste dumped in the global south written for The Wardrobe Crisis was thought-provoking.

Why you should follow Nina

Inspiring vintage looks with a modern twist and inspiration on wearing garments in multiple ways. Nina once styled a wedding dress for casual and evening wear! Also, her thoughts on fashion equality and tokenism will make you rethink what you know.


9. Molly Farai @mollyfarai

Molly’s soothing Instagram not only make you want to escape to the countryside in a cosy cottage. It will also inspire you to rethink your actions and make some serious eco changes. For Molly, her mission is to inspire others to take small steps to create an environmentally and socially conscious world.

Why you should follow Molly.

Molly shares transparent, achievable steps and habit changes to help anyone live a more ethical lifestyle.


10. Kate Hall @ethicallykate

New Zealander Kate Hall is providing a whole lot of sustainable life inspiration via her blog Ethically Kate. From low waste living to sharing her favourite eco products (and a bit of composting in between), Kate is encouraging others to make small eco changes to respect our people and planet.

Why you should follow Kate.

Not only has Kate graced the TEDx stage, but she is also gearing up for an NZ wide tour! Her innovative approach to sustainability and the resources Kate shares make it easier to switch your habits.


11. Jenna Flood @ironicminimalist

After graduating from Australian Style Institute as a Professional Stylist, Jenna believes in a less is more approach to fashion. A self-described minimalist, her aim is to share her ethical fashion knowledge and thrift tips with those seeking guidance on sustainable fashion. You can also find her monthly fashion articles over at the Australian Style Institute blog.

Why you should follow Jenna.

Mixing preloved goods with ethical brands, Jenna shows that even a minimal wardrobe can be maximalist and as a Professional Stylist, shares her styling tips and trick on how to make your current wardrobe work for you!


12. Natalie Shehata @nattystylist

Save the Children eco stylist, Natalie is making space for BIPOC people in the fashion industry. Sharing her passion for equality and inclusion via her platform Tommie Mag, a space for creative people. Natalie also runs op shop tours to share her ethical outlook on fashion.

Why you should follow Natalie.

As well as sharing her expertise on living a slower and sustainable lifestyle, Natalie showcases her amazing ethically sourced, print clashing outfits daily.


13. Clare Press @mrspress

Podcaster, author of two books ( Wardrobe Crisis and Rise and Resist), the first-ever Sustainability Editor for Vogue plus a host of other titles and ambassadorships, Clare is an ethical fashion Wonderwomen.

Why you should follow Clare.

As well as some serious fashion inspo, Clare has written for numerous publications. Her knowledge of the fashion industry is vast and thought-provoking. Her new online magazine, The Wardrobe Crisis, features articles on every aspect of fashion. And did I also mention she has interviewed Beyonce? Clare is truly the queen of ethical fashion.


14. Joshua Katcher @thediscerningbrute

Author of Fashion Animals, Joshua Katcher has created The Discerning Brute website with a focus on the gender that is often left out of the ethical fashion game – Men. As well as launching ethical, vegan menswear label, Brave GentleMan, Joshua has featured Vogue and British GQ.

Why you should follow Josh.

Joshua’s website and Instagram places a large focus on veganism and the fashion industry. Showcasing leather and wool alternatives and vegan brands, Joshua explains the harm that conventional fashion causes and explores the ethical side of menswear.

We’ve done the hard work for you, now it’s time to get exploring and engaging online. Use these bloggers and influencers as resources to learn more about the ethical styling industry and draw inspiration for your own styling goals. To discover more, use keywords such as #sustainablefashion or #ethicalfashion on your favourite social media platform. By Jenna, ASI Sustainable Stylist. Read more styling gold from Jenna here as she answers 9 questions about navigating sustainable fashion. Learn more about becoming a Professional Stylist and launching your styling career in just 6 months with our online and in-person courses. Download your free Course Guide here.


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