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Published on 26 October 2020
by ASI Team
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Need some help in stepping up your sustainable style? or perhaps want a little more info on ways to improve your sustainable style choices. Look no further than these eight eco style Instagram  accounts. From fashion labels to eco living guides, these 8 accounts not only showcase some serious style, but also addresses some of the hard hitting issues of the fashion industry and sustainable living (ever heard of Greenwashing?)

Let’s jump in!

1.Sans Beast @sans_beast

Sans Beast holds a special place in my heart. Not just because of their street-style-esque bags. But because they genuinely care about the way their products are made. Aiming to lessen their environmental footprint, Sans Beast use vegan-friendly materials and ethical labour. While continually improving their manufacturing process by researching new fabrics.

Why follow Sans Beast?

Perfect for when someone asks “what would you like for Christmas?” Cathryn Willis (founder of Sans Beast) is an ex-Mimco designer, so you know that these bags are well made. Sans Beast doesn’t just showcase their amazing bags, they also donate to causes such as Edgars Mission and help shed light on other vegan-friendly charities.

Sans Beast

2.Fashion Revolution @fash_rev

Fashion Revolution is a global movement that puts pressure on brands to step up and value people and planet over profit. Sharing resources and insight into the dirty side of the fashion industry, Fashion Revolution is championing people to ask their favourite brand #whomademyclothes. Asking brands the hard questions pushes them in the right direction to becoming more transparent and eco-conscious.

Why follow Fashion Revolution? 

Educational and insightful, The Fashion Revolution platform covers a whole range of fashion injustices. From garment workers rights to turning our rivers blue, Fashion Revolution wants the fashion industry to shift towards a more ethical operation.

Fashion Revolution

3.Ethical Clothing Australia @ethicalclothingaustralia

ECA is helping to create a more transparent and ethical textile, clothing and footwear industry here in Australia. By creating a voluntary accreditation program, ECA is helping to ensure that a brands Australian supply chain is fully transparent and compliant. For us, it takes the guesswork out of choosing a brand as the ECA has already done the work!

Why follow Ethical Clothing Australia?

ECA regularly features Australian brands that are accredited with them. The ECA website features a large list of brands to support, from children’s school wear to face masks to menswear.

Ethical Clothing Australia

4.Ethical Made Easy @ethicalmadeeasy

EME has waded through the greenwashing to bring you their favourite ethical brands. Featuring brands that adhere to their core values of transparency, freedom, and integrity, EME was created by New Zealand born Jasmine Mayhead after watching the documentary ‘The True Cost’. 

Jasmine’s aim is to “convince people via the World Wide Web that ethical fashion doesn’t need ever need to be hard; not for anyone. Whether you’re flush or broke, in-the-know or clueless, we should all be able to partake in conscious fashion and helping others.”

Why follow Ethical Made Easy?

Not only is EME’s Instagram the perfect balance of minimal goodness, but its also full of amazing brands doing their bit for the environment. EME brand directory features a whole treasure trove of socially responsible brands, everything from accessories to beauty.

Ethical Made Easy

5.Brave Gentleman @brave_gentleman

Founded by Joshua Katcher, Brave Gentleman was one of the world’s first vegan-friendly, ethically-made, menswear brand. With a wide range of accessories, jackets, pants and shoes – Brave Gentleman can outfit anyone who is concerned about their fashion footprint. 

Why follow Brave Gentleman?

Aside from some seriously dapper style and Joaquin Phoenix styled in a recycled vegan fabric suit, Brave Gentleman also aims to change our thoughts around the use of animals in fashion. Instead of referring to synthetic wool and leather as ‘vegan alternatives’, the term ‘Future-leather’ or “Future-wool’ is used.

Brave Gentleman

6.Eco Warrior Princess @ecowarriorprincess

Eco Warrior Princess is my go-to for any honest news about sustainable fashion, conscious business, environmental issues, politics and more. Built by founder Jennifer Nini convey information about issues that matter in a no bulls#*t kind of way, Eco Warrior Princess is designed to bring you media that matters.

Why follow Eco Warrior Princess?

With a wide range of writers from Nigeria to Canada to New Zealand, EWP is a diverse team bringing you an in-depth perspective on a whole lot of issues that affect our planet today. Along with some tops tips on ethical style.

Eco Warrior Princess

7. A.BCH @abch.world

A.BCH was one of the first brands I discovered when I dove headfirst into my sustainable fashion journey many years ago. Courtney Holm (designer and founder) and her team live and breath ethical fashion. A.BCH has been featured as part of countless fashion weeks, both in Australia and around the world.

Why follow A.BCH?

Not only are A.BCH garments designed to be season-less and circular (completely compostable or recyclable at the end of their lifestyle). But the team at A.BCH aims to help us understand where our clothing goes after we no longer want it in their DISASSEMBLE series. I also love their witty insta captions, who else could make me laugh over biodegradable elastic!

a.bch ethical fashion

8. The Green Hub @thegreenhub_

Created by Kira Simpson, The Green Hub is a brand directory and a knowledgeable guide to sustainable living all rolled into one. Kira and her writers share ethical brands from jewellery to maternity wear and write handy guides on how to transition to cleaner living.

Why follow the Green Hub?

Kira’s instagram shares her personal sustainable living journey (including some veggie patch mishaps) and shows that there is no perfect way to walk a little lighter on this planet, but that each good habit change counts.

The Green Hub

Now that you have discovered some new ethical brands, take your sustainable style to the next level and check out these 14 Sustainable Fashion Influencers to Follow in 2020. They’ll make you thrifting experts in no time!

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By ASI Sustainable Style Expert, Jenna @ironicminimalist


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