9 Podcasts That Are Motivating These Entrepreneurs

Published on 19 August 2021
by ASI Team
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With over 2 million podcasts available to us in 2021, it’s no surprise to learn that creatives, innovators and business owners around the world are turning to this free digital audio format in a time where face-to-face connection is limited and worldly travel is well, non-existent. 

Providing a source of inspiration from the stories of fellow entrepreneurs, podcasts are like having personal mentors, coaches and comedians in your pocket that you can access 24/7 as needed.

What podcasts are business owners listening to? 

Well, in celebration of World Entrepreneur’s Day on August 21st, we reached out to 5 of our friends in business to ask ‘what is your go-to podcast for personal and professional motivation right now?’  *because hello, we’ll take some-o that* 

Get ready to take notes!

Lauren Di Bartolo

Founder & Director of Australian Style Institute

With over 15 years’ styling experience under her belt, Lauren developed a styling methodology which takes a 360-degree approach to clients’ needs. This methodology, which she teaches the students who pass through Australian Style Institute, fuses fashion and creativity with a fundamental understanding of human behaviour, leading to results which speak volumes. You can find Lauren on Instagram @laurendibartolo

What podcast is motivating you right now and why?

I’ve always loved listening to podcasts for inspiration, motivation and entertainment, so I have a few favourites at the moment.

  1. How I Built This is a long time favourite of mine, listening to founders of some of the worlds biggest companies share their stories on what happened in the lead up to their success. Sometimes it’s by accident and other times it’s through adversity that the guests eventuate their dreams.
  1. The Broke Generation: I was lucky enough to be a guest on Emma’s refreshingly real and no-nonsense podcast. Personal finances aren’t something a lot of us are taught as younger adults, and Emma is changing that with her authentic approach.  
  1. Smartless is a recent favourite for lighthearted fun and high quality humour. Friends Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes and Will Arnett take turns bringing a notable guest (Le Bron James and Ryan Reynolds are recent faves) to interview – sometimes, if the guest is lucky, they’ll get a word in when the friends aren’t giving each other a hard time. Good fun.

Melinda Jayde Stephens, Founder of JAYDE the Label

Melinda Jayde Stephens

Founder JAYDE the Label

During the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown, Melinda took the opportunity to pursue her dream of having her own womenswear label and it was at this time that JAYDE was born.

With sustainability being one of Melinda’s core values, JAYDE is designed and made in Melbourne. This includes sourcing fabrics locally; many of which are designer remnants which are then recycled into the collection. By using these beautiful specially sourced fabrics, JAYDE has a limited-edition concept with the range being made to order, meaning there is nearly zero wastage. Only making a small amount of each design provides the JAYDE girl with something exclusive, special and unique.

What podcast is motivating you right now and why?

Shameless – In Conversation and Mama Mia’s -Lady Start Up Stories are personal favourites because I love hearing from women in business and their journey’s. I admire how many of them started in garages and spare rooms and find their growth to where they are today so  inspirational. Many share the highs and lows and give a raw insight on what it takes to go out on your own. They also offer practical advice which I find really valuable and can implement into my own business.  


Tish Tily

Co Founder & Director of She Science

In 2013, Co-founders, Tish Tily & her business partner Matt Morgan, established She Science, Australia’s one-of-a-kind Sports Bra Store in response to a lack of specialised expertise in the market. Tish views her A-J cup retail store and bra fitting service as a vehicle to deliver comfort and style for the confidence and performance every woman deserves. You can find Tish online via @SheScience

What podcast is motivating you right now and why?

While I do love popular podcasts like The Marie Forleo Podcast and How I Built This, My go-to for business guidance has to be Simplify to multiply with Tim Yewchuck.

Tim is a systems guru and I really enjoy his casual approach to podcasting. Years ago when our business experienced some dramatic growth, I enrolled in Tim’s coaching program to help elevate our operations by updating the systems that were no longer serving us. Tim truly has helped me create order in our business and balance in my life. 

Hope Shadbolt, Founder of boutique Our Annalise

Hope Shadbolt

Stylist & Founder of Our Annalise

Our Annalise is a fashion boutique, first established online in May 2020, peak of the pandemic. During a time of isolation and disconnectedness, Hope realised then more than ever was the best time to create and cultivate her own community. The vision for her online store was to create unique content that inspires style and an aesthetic that reflects a large part of her upbringing; Earthy, relaxed and surrounded by community. In 2021 she opened her first shopfront in Albury and welcomes customers to enjoy a unique styling experience in-store while shopping. Find Hope on Instagram at @ourannalise

What podcast is motivating you right now and why?

The funny thing is, I get distracted SO easily so I never usually finish a book or podcast. But in saying that, a really fun, wild and light hearted podcast I listen to is Happy Hour by the owners of Jagger & Stone. They are brilliant business women- but always take the time to have a good laugh and live their best lives. Whilst a lot of their episodes are just typical girl chat, some of them have really inspired me to be the best in order to be noticed. 

Don’t pull others down to get to the top, raise each other so you can then look around and say “we made it.” There’s nothing worse than making it to the top alone and having no one to enjoy the view with (Me, an extrovert who always needs company) One of my personal goals is to start listening to 1 podcast episode a week because I just don’t often set the time aside to learn in that way.

Laura Di Bartolo, Founder of Souszy

Laura Di Bartolo

Co founder of Souszy

Laura’s love for pretty undergarments started at an early age working in the Intimate Apparel section at Myer, where every paycheck would be spent purchasing the brands she was selling. She quickly fell in love with the industry and went on to study Fashion Business & Marketing. Fast forward a few years later and Laura is now the Co-Founder of Souszy; an underwear brand and online destination for women to shop a curated range of lingerie, sleep & loungewear brands from around the world. You can learn more about Souszy Intimates on Instagram @souszy

What podcast is motivating you right now and why?

The School of Greatness by Lewis Howes ticks all of the boxes for me when it comes to business, professional and personal development. I always feel inspired, motivated and in a good mood after listening to Lewis, and I have pages of notes on my phone from nuggets of wisdom that I learn from each episode. Lewis covers all bases with his guests, interviewing some of the most inspiring people on the planet. From thought leaders to business owners, athletes, doctors, entrepreneurs and celebrities. I highly recommend it!

Starting a business used to feel isolating, but now we have the luxury of hearing directly from entrepreneurs and learn through their experiences of success and failure. Something they all have in common is that you don’t have to have it all figured out to get started, you just have to start. 

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Top 8 podcast recommendations

  1. How I Built This
  2. The Broke Generation
  3. Smartless
  4. The Marie Forleo Podcast
  5. Simplify to Multiply
  6. Shameless- In Conversation
  7. Lady Startup Stories
  8. The School of Greatness
  9. Happy Hour

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