From our Founder: The One Thing Every Stylist Has

Published on 26 May 2021
by ASI Team
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Over the past month, I’ve been asked about my take on skinny jeans by The Project and about how to shop more consciously on Sunrise. I’ve been interviewed about how colour can generate enormous emotion and nostalgia, as well as how fashion assists the power dynamic change we’re seeing for women in the workplace.

Of all the questions I’ve been asked, there’s one that has taken the most consideration – despite it being a one word answer.

“What’s the most rewarding aspect of being a fashion stylist?”

And the answer is – possibility.

Possibility of what we can achieve for our clients.
Possibility of how many people we can reach when our editorial work is published.
Possibility of how we can create the life we want.

One of our stylists told us a few weeks ago that she saw the result of possibility staring her right in the face – quite literally! She nearly ran into a bus because her styling work for an Aussie fashion brand was plastered on the back of it.

Too often when we consider making a change in our lives, we focus on all of the reasons why not. However, if I think about the defining moment that led me down this path, it’s because I focused more on the possibility than on the fear. That’s not to say that it hasn’t come without risk. With hindsight, I can see that risk as an investment, paying dividends in the form of opportunities.

I’m grateful that I get to wake up in the morning energised by what possibility exists within that day. I often tell people that the privilege of being a stylist is the lives we get to change through the wardrobes we step into. But the greatest privilege? Being able to wake up knowing that while the day may bring new challenges (and a curveball here and there), within possibility I get to live a life I could’ve never otherwise experienced.

This looks different for all our students. For busy mums with kids, it’s a possibility that they can pursue their dream career while still maintaining the flexibility they need to be an excellent mum. For the students and upskillers, it’s that they get to carry out their existing studies while undertaking the course that truly lights them up. For the corporate workers, it’s taking the step into a world of creative opportunity that makes all of the difference.

So, I’d ask you this question – in the morning when you get out of bed, what is your first thought?

When you go to bed and think about the day ahead, are you excited by what possibility and potential exists? When you wake up in the morning are you energised by what opportunities might be just around the corner? When you tell people about what you do, can you say that you’re going after something that is meaningful to you? And know that the next 6, 12, or 18 months ahead are only going to be better than the ones that have been.

If not, it might be time to start asking questions that get you to where you want to be. Possibility needs support, systems and structure to get there – that’s where we come in. I started Australian Style Institute over 10 years ago because of the possibilities it created for me, and I welcome you to join us for the possibilities that we can create for you too.

Lauren Di Bartolo


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