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What we learnt from styling at the Logies ↘

03 July

The stars weren’t the only ones who brought the glamour to the Gold Coast for the 60th annual TV Week Logie Awards.  Some of our budding Queensland stylists worked alongside celebrity stylists Lana Wilkinson and Donny Galella to assist in creating red carpet showstoppers for Elyse Knowles, Georgia Love, Lorinska Merrington and model Rebecca Harding. We spoke to our stylists to get the low down on all the behind the scenes action.

Decoding dress codes: what to wear for formal, casual & more ↘

22 June

From black tie to business casual, formal to cocktail, we have rounded up the only five dress codes that count. Oh, and we also took the liberty of decoding them for you, you’re welcome.

Sentimental style: why you should sometimes follow your heart, not trends ↘

11 May

Psychologists have confirmed that clothing and our emotions are intrinsically linked. I experienced this first hand when a vintage Nirvana tee stopped me in my tracks in the months following the sudden loss of a dear family friend.

How to slow down fast fashion with sustainable fashion stylist, Jenna Flood ↘

29 April

Sustainable fashion has become trendier than a pair of Gucci slides, but it remains a broad and polarising concept.

Retail Rehab: Why you need to detox from retail therapy ↘

20 April

Yes, there is such a thing as needing a break from shopping.

What a fashion stylist does and how you can become one ↘

28 March

According to the Business of Fashion, styling is one of the fastest growing professions in the fashion industry, yet what a stylist actually does can be widely misunderstood.

Tis’ the season to be stylish: how to avoid a festive fail ↘

09 December

The festive season is hard enough to navigate without adding the extra pressure of what you are going to wear to the hundred parties you have lined up. Luckily for you, we have your back.

Remove the labels: why you’re not a pear, or a season ↘

01 December

Personal styling is all about the individual –finding what works best for the client. Traditionally, the styling process has used the labelling of body shapes and finding a client’s ‘colours’ as a means to helping achieve this.

How to avoid a flat lay fail ↘

20 September

Melbourne stylist Bonnie Kay is somewhat of a flat lay connoisseur. Motivated by her love for colour, texture and shapes, her flat lays have been featured in the likes of Fashion Journal We sat down with Bonnie to learn more about her how to nail the perfect flat lay.

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