5 Apps To Level Up Your Instagram Game

Published on 31 March 2020
by ASI Team
Category: Community

1.Downloader For Instagram

Apps for Instagram

Hands up if you manually screenshot Instagram photos from your favourite accounts, open them in your photo library to crop them, only to find that the little “tag” icon is still visible in the bottom left hand corner, or it’s just too blurry to repost? It’s ok, we’ve all been there. Enter, Downloader for Instagram. Add this little baby to your desktop browser and with a click of the arrow in the top left corner, download images and stories directly from your favourite Instagram accounts ready to repost. (remember to always credit the owner)

2. Later

Insta apps

In isolation and have some free time? Now is the perfect time to plan out your Instagram content in one go. Later is a free app designed to help you plan and schedule your Instagram content. So spend a few hours uploading your favourite photos to Later, plotting captions for each post and then scheduling to post at your optimal times. Use Later’s handy ‘drag and drop’ tool to see exactly how your grid will look. Thank us later. (get it)

3. Canva for Mobile
Insta app

We all know Canva, our trusty graphic design tool (that was born in Australia btw) but did you know there’s a Canva mobile app? Yep, so why not create some templates for your Instagram stories or even feed posts that match your branding? Level up your branding and brand image in a matter of seconds and access your templates from wherever you are via the mobile app.

4. Photosplit

Insta app

This is a handy app for when your photo deserves more than just one instagram square. Photosplit allows you to upload an image and it will split it into 3,6, 9 or 12 IG squares for you so when posted it is an epic art piece on your profile. Such a great tool for showcasing professional photography.

5. Unfold

Apps for Insta

Level up your Instagram video stories with Unfold. This app provides hundreds of creative layouts, fonts and colours to use. You’ll probably spend more time playing around in this app than actually uploading your final product. But, adding something different to your stories will help cut through your competitors and spark interest with your audience. Tip: keep true to your branding, it can be tempting to go a bit wild with different layouts, fonts and colours but the goal is to keep consistent so that your branding becomes memorable.

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