Faces of Future Fashion Perth: Audrey Allen & Ashton Cameron

Published on 12 July 2019
by ASI Team
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We’re talking about sustainability in fashion all the time. But what do you do when your product doesn’t lend itself to typical sustainable practices?

The Founders of Perth-based jewellery brand Mountain and Moon, Audrey Allen and Ashton Cameron create bold, statement pieces inspired by their travels through India. The brand developed during a time of ‘minimalism’ and continues to breathe individuality, self-love and shameless opulence into every wearer.

So what makes this power-duo different from other brands? It’s because as Co-Founder Allen says, “it’s more than a jewellery label, it’s a lifestyle.”

Allen took the opportunity to talk with us on how Mountain and Moon, isn’t exactly ‘green’ but focuses more on empowerment, education and supporting women.

Faces of Fashion

“In terms of making a sustainable product, jewellery can be quite hard, we can’t use recyclable materials or stones. We wanted to find a way that would work for us, so we started thinking more about what we could ‘give back’ to the community as customers bought in.”

The designers decided to partner with NGO in India ‘IPHD’. Allens says, “but we didn’t want to just give money — they need jobs, education for their children, empowerment.” 

Mountain and Moon instead provides consistent sewing work for the Saheli women of Bhikamkor in creating unbleached, organic cotton jewellery bags with traditional hand braided golden tassels. 

Allen says that as well as this, “a percentage of profits goes out to different projects we align with. We have recently been focusing on women’s health education. Education around menstruation is taboo over there [in India], we wanted to provide education and workshops for these women and girls and dispel the myth that it’s something women should not be talking about.”

faces of fashion

Ultimately, the Perth-based designer says, “there is power in your purchase and buyers are so much more concerned with how a brand identifies and the story behind it”. Mountain and Moon values female empowerment. On an individual level, the designs are created for women to feel confident and authentic, but expanding on this Allen says, “the aim is to create an inclusive space, where we can build a community of women who love the jewellery but also love to talk about arts, culture and pressing issues.”

Education and empowerment through fashion is what Australian Style Institute is all about. We are truly inspired by these Faces of Fashion Perth.

Fashion is becoming a multi-faceted force to be reckoned with. Do you want to join an industry that helps make positive change around the world? Register your spot for our next Perth Workshop here


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