What it’s like having 2 million people view your work overnight

Published on 12 October 2020
by ASI Team
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In a recent collaboration opportunity, ASI Stylist, Bayan combined his styling specialty in men’s tailoring with his passion for street style to design an exclusive unisex collection for Australian fashion label MESHKI. We caught up with Bayan and to learn more about what led him to pursue his styling dream at ASI and honestly, to hear what it’s like having 2 million people view your work overnight!

Before we jump into your recent project, let’s learn a bit more about your journey into the fashion styling industry and why you started your styling service, By Bayan.

Bayan: The journey has been an interesting one! I’ve always had an underlying love for fashion, although my professional path took me to the less-trendy world of tech and architectural software, I found myself styling friends and family for weddings and corporate events. I loved this side hobby so much that I decided to join ASI to expand my knowledge of styling, build a solid foundation and start my styling business that came to be known as The Trendy Brother, which really focused on men’s styling for events. Later I also did some freelance design work, assisting businesses with merch design and that’s where the Trendy Brother evolved from a styling service to BY BAYAN – a freelance Menswear design, styling and image consulting service, assisting individual clients and brands with various styling and creative needs.

Australian fashion label MESHKI Unisex collection

You’ve explored some great avenues in the fashion industry from design to styling. More recently, Australian brand MESHKI launched their exclusive unisex collection and we know you were involved in that project. We’d love to know more about this opportunity and the role you played in bringing it to life.

Bayan: MESHKI has been dominating the womenswear space with their basics range – a celeb favourite. The fashion industries strong shift into loungewear spurred the idea of a Unisex range for the brand, where their customers were able to wear their cosy basics to match with their partners. I was asked to assist with the design and development of this range and had the opportunity to be involved in its conception, design, and product development through to the styling of the shoot which was one of the best experiences of my life!

Australian Fashion Label Meshki Unisex loungewear

We noticed that this collection features map coordinates. Can you tell us more about those and how the concept was born?

Bayan: MESHKI is a Sydney born brand with a mission of empowerment that’s shaped their diverse and inclusive social presence globally. Their mission and values really resonate with my personal values and I’m all about representing your city so we decided to celebrate the origins of the brand, and incorporate the coordinates of Sydney as custom 3D print on the clothing which was really cool!

Meshki unisex Collection

The fabric and colours choices are so versatile. Where did the inspiration for the collection come from?

Bayan: The key focus of the collection was to elevate the classic leisurewear styles for ultimate comfort, so we went with a cotton blend fabric that was super soft to the touch. With the colour palette, we stuck to the neutral colours for the first range, but made sure we offered colours men could not find elsewhere, like charcoal and oatmeal.

Collaboration was obviously a huge part of this project as the campaign featured a range of creatives from local models to stylists like yourself and even singer-songwriters like Jessica Jade who produced a song for the campaign. What is the importance of collaboration to you in the fashion styling industry?

Bayan: I believe collaboration is everything in the fashion industry! No great work is done in isolation. It takes a village to make magic happen and it’s through these collaborations and the mutual support that we all grow! It’s also through these collaborations where you’re able to build your portfolio and make connections that lead to future projects!

With a background in men’s suiting, and having studied personal and editorial styling with ASI, how did that knowledge help on shoot day?

Bayan: ASI gave me the knowledge to understand how a shoot is planned from moodboarding through to management of the day. It was a truly amazing experience to be a part of such a well-planned shoot. We had 10 models as well as a music band and we still managed to finish an hour early which is unheard of and a real testimony to how well organised the pre-shoot planning was and how well the team worked together. I loved being able to style the 5 male models in a way that complemented the female looks, while showcasing the collection in a commercial way. I believe as a stylist, you play a huge role in the overall vibe of the day, ensuring that the talent is not only well dressed but also is feeling their best to produce the best work possible!

Australian fashion label MESHKI Unisex collection

The collection launched to over 1.8 million followers on MESHKI’s social pages, what has been the reaction for you so far?

Bayan: The reaction has been pretty amazing! The support I have received from friends and family has been overwhelming but what’s been the most refreshing is the love I’ve been receiving from friends in the industry that I only know through social media which really goes to show that this industry is all about mutual support, rejoicing in each other’s success and lifting each other up! My ASI family have been especially supportive and I’m so grateful to be a part of this community!

If you could sum up this experience for you in 3 words (or emojis ) what would they be?

Bayan: Heartwarming, inspiring, humbling

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What’s your advice to any creative reading this right now unsure about putting themselves out there. Whether it’s getting started in styling or simply making the choice to try something new.

Bayan: My advice is to just get out there and get as much experience as you can, wherever you can! If you really want something, you need to be ready to offer up your time to just learn. Say yes to opportunities that come along, assist on shoots, intern with brands you love, be willing to selflessly offer support and consult to build your network and genuine relationships. Oh, and to ‘always be a student’.

Meshki unisex Collection

It might be early days but how has this experience opened up some more ideas and opportunities for future projects?

Bayan: It definitely has. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work on MESHKI’s first (but definitely not last) Unisex range. This experience has really solidified for me the path I want to follow in fashion which is designing. I have some upcoming projects which I’m excited about.

So, what does 2021 look like for your styling business @by__bayan?

Bayan: 2021 is going to be a year of further growth. I look forward to evolving as a creative, expanding my knowledge and skills and challenging myself with new projects. And as always, saying yes to opportunities and being there to support other creatives in the industry where I can!

by bayan

Interested in the world of Professional Styling? Bayan completed his Masters Certificate of Professional Styling at Australian Style Institute. Download your Free Course Guide here for our full courses breakdown and tuition guide.

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