To blog or not to blog?

Published on 05 October 2016
by ASI Team
Category: News

Despite recent comments refuting the legitimacy of bloggers within the fashion industry (we’re looking at you, Vogue) – we still believe there is power in the blog.

In an industry where growth, change and evolution are aided by the creative minds of many – and not controlled by the few – it is important the fashion world continue to observe the blogosphere, and that those who (pre-Vogue-bashing) were considering taking part, go for it. The more unique perspectives, the merrier – we say.

And here’s why.

For both observers and participants of the fashion industry, there are countless benefits of blogging. For stylists (we single you out for obvious reasons) and creatives, a blog can be a portable portfolio: an online journal of achievements and goals; a platform to promote and share you, your talents, your interests and inspirations. A blog can even act as a window into the soul – if you’re willing to lay it out for all to see.

Alyce Greer of Bossy Creative, stylist, blogger and content writer for The Westfield Insider, is a cheerleader for an online presence, and strongly encourages stylists, creatives and brands to get active and establish their own blogging-platform.Bossy Creative

“This is the best way for individuals and organisations to promote more in-depth content, to share images, and to work with influencers; to teach readers about trends, and even inspire potential customers and clients on how to wear, use, or engage with products.”

Blogs provide a global stage to build your brand.

At Australian Style Institute HQ, we tend to agree. Blogs provide a global stage to help any and all build their brand. Reach is wide, connectivity can be instant, and expressions of creativity free.

If you are someone toying with the idea of creating a personal blog, but are questioning the idea due to the souring calls of Vogue editors (i.e. “pathetic”, “heralding the end of style”, “find another business” yadda-yadda), fear not. There is so much promise, potential and worth in developing a blog – if you choose to make the most of it.

And Cowell says “blogging is not just for the writers among us; imagery can be a powerful way to convey a message, and spread your brand. Through images, you can weave a form of blogging into your entire day – just by taking a photo.” And Instagram has become the poster-child for just this.

“There are also loads of experts out there who are open and willing to contribute on a specific topic, so make use of them if you feel you might not have the knowledge yourself.”

Unique and compelling content can come from anyone.

As fashion enthusiasts, we love all those who help our industry thrive: writers, journalists, creatives, stylists, models, and bloggers. We love to listen to, talk about, read, and watch all that comes out of our beloved fashion world. Unique and compelling content can come from the novice (a budding blogger) or the seasoned professional (a journalist); to us, it makes no difference. We want to indulge in it all.

If you’re an observer of fashion, or participant yourself, there is no better way to stay on the pulse than to get connected with as many influencers as possible. And while the old-school publications may be great for many things, there are many blogs out there that offer another take. So we say: YAY to bloggers – and to our styling community, get into it! Because it’s one of the better ways to promote your authentic you.



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