All the gifts the ASI team want this year!

Published on 20 December 2019
by ASI Team
Category: Community

There are five days till Christmas, and I’m guessing if you’re reading this article you fall into one of three categories.

  1. You’re smugly reading this article even though you bought all your presents months ago in disbelief that someone would wait till five days before Christmas to start buying presents.
  2. You’re panic googling ‘presents-Christmas-last-minute’ while trying to remember what present your girlfriend has definitely been hinting at for the last two month.
  3. You’re a family member of one of the ASI team members and have been not so subtly been linked this article.

If you’re in either of the last two categories, don’t worry Hunny, we’ve got you! Each of the ASI family has racked their brains (and their net-a-porter baskets) to give us their top pick for XMAS 2020.

Happy shopping and good luck with that overnight delivery!

1. Linden Cook Velvet Choker Gold   AUD  $495

Christmas Presents

Jordan: This is a MAJOR hint for @PatStokes. I’ve been looking for a statement, gold piece that I can dress up outfits with. Linden Cook is a local Melbourne brand that hand makes all their pieces and I love the quality and timelessness.

2. Megan Hess Candle Tickled Pink  AUD $95.00

Christmas Presents

Justina: I personally am a sucker for candles and I took a screenshot of this (entire candle collection!) the other day when it appeared on an insta story. I love how pretty (and stylish!) the piece of art is on the candle holder. Not only will it smell amazing but I can use the beautiful holder after the candle is long gone too. Double win!

3. Le Labo Santal 33 500ml  AUD $1520.00


Bronte: I know perfumes can be a little bit of a cop-out gift, but when I say there is nothing in the world I want more than this ginormous Le Labo Santal, I mean it. Santal 33 is the ultimate cool-girl cult perfume, and if you don’t know, now you know. I’ve just recently finished my first bottle and am currently living a sad scentless life. So it would be great if someone could correct that (hint Mum… Luke.. someone). My first 50m bottle lasts about a year. So this ginormous one should last me till I don’t know… the end of time.

 While the size may be a bit of a joke, my love for Santal is not. For best value, I would suggest purchasing the 100ml its a better size to price ratio while not so large it is likely to go off or evaporate before use.

Le Labo Tester Kit 17 x 1.5ml    AUD $130

Christmas gift

Bronte: However, if you’re not totally sure the scent is for you. Le Labo also offers the above tester kit which allows you to trial all the scents before committing. Perfect for the picky friend or the perfume layerer in your life.

4. Slip Beauty Sleep Collection – Caramel + Black AUD $132.00

Christmas gift

Penny: Slip markets themselves as the anti-aging, anti-sleep crease, anti bed head, beauty secret of celebrity hairstylists, dermatologists beauty experts and even supermodels. And look that’s a big claim. But I’ll take all the help I can get!

The idea behind slip is that the silk provides a softer and less dehydrating alternative to regular cotton pillow slips. For those with bleached/damaged or simply dryer hair, silk is less likely to cause bed head and dry out hair. Similarly, silk is less abrasive to skin.

5. Tala Haize Windbreaker Set  AUD $160

Christmas gift

 Cassandra: Look… If I’m going to go to the gym I want to look good while I’m there and that’s why everything from Tala is on my Christmas list for this year. The designs are amazing and flattery on every body shape (their models are inclusive too!) and I also love that it is a small business built on the ideals of sustainability and inclusivity which makes me want to buy from them even more.

6. Souszy Everyday 5 Pack AUD $95.00

Christmas gift

Lauren: I was hooked when I heard Souszy’s vision for bringing beautiful lace to everyday comfort.  The pieces are gorgeous, and I love a brand which strives for inclusivity. While only a small Melbourne brand, Souszy seems to have a big vision of helping women feel their best regardless of body shape.

The everyday pack is the perfect gift for the girl who has everything. Everyone needs more undies. Especially fancy ones like these.


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