Laura Henshaw on KIC-ing goals and living your why

Published on 25 May 2018
by ASI Team
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Few influencers could claim the title of both role and Insta-model. Laura Henshaw, however, is an exception to the rule.

Co-Founder of Keep It Cleaner, law student and the human embodiment of sunshine, Laura along with bestie, Steph Smith, are proving that authenticity isn’t dead on social media.

We sat down with Laura to chat about building a successful business, self-empowerment and chasing your dreams irrespective of the haters.

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“Taking the first step towards your dream is the hardest thing you’ll ever have to do,” says Laura. “I shut out the voices of the people who didn’t want me to succeed or move forward in my life and listened to my gut. My only regret is not starting earlier. ”

Now with her ear to ear smile, infectious presence and extensive list of accomplishments, it’s hard to imagine anyone ever questioned her.

But Laura faced and still faces the same avalanche of doubt many women building businesses, or simply trying to be themselves face every day.

“A big obstacle with our business has been getting people to take us seriously as entrepreneurs and not see us as simply Instagram models or social influencers,” she says. “Instagram is paramount to our business, but KIC, and us, are so much more than that.”

If you are unfamiliar with Keep it Cleaner, it’s an online fitness program founded by Steph Smith and Laura. It provides weekly meal plans and daily workouts, along with mediations and fitness challenges.


“KIC is everything we wish we had to help guide us towards being healthy and happy when we were growing up, all on one website,” says Laura.

Steph and Laura personally develop all workouts and recipes along with their team of professionals.

“We do every single workout with the girls as their workout buddies and support, we have an amazing PT, dietician, psychologist and GP, who have all contributed to help us create a program we are really proud of,” she says.

“We started KIC Girls as an extension of our ebook Keep it Clean. We had such an amazing response from the ebook but we felt it wasn’t enough to be able to support and connect with our girls every day,” says Laura.”It is the most beautiful and uplifting community we have both ever been a part of.”

Written by Kaitlyn Wilson.

With over 170 thousand followers, KIC subscribers worldwide and their products sold in Coles, their success is undeniable.

“I think our skin has definitely thickened along our business journey,” says Laura. “The best thing to do is ignore any criticism relating to us as entrepreneurs and trust that our actions and business success will prove them wrong.”

“Sometimes this is really hard, she says. “But the most important thing is that we know within ourselves how hard we work for KIC, and what goes into it, and never let others beliefs or stereotypes of us change this. ”

Laura says to build a successful business you must believe in your products or services and know exactly what your business’ values are.

“Find what makes your brand and its story different.”

“Our goal is to make health food more accessible and affordable for everyone. Our products have brought this to life for us,” says Laura. “Having our products in Coles is probably the most surreal feeling in the world. I still can’t believe we have products in the supermarket and people actually buy and love them!”


In a society which profits from insecurity, Laura is challenging the status quo, by preaching self-love, empowerment and living her passion in the face of obstacles and doubt.

“Finding your why is the secret to the success of any business. It is so important that you are passionate about what you do and really believe in it,” says Laura. “And always remember that money is an outcome, it isn’t your why.”

Laura and Steph are working to shatter the glass ceiling keeping many women from finding their why.

“We hope to continue to be able to help more and more young women around the world,” says Laura.

“It is something we have always dreamed of.”


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