The Perth fashion boutiques you need to know about

Published on 06 August 2019
by ASI Team
Category: Style

You may have heard that the west coast is not a fashion destination. We strongly disagree.

From the Perth talent we have watched grow into successful stylists, the WA designers we’ve had the pleasure of working with and the support we received at our Perth launch in June this year, we know this industry is one of vibrancy, creativity and completely unique to it’s home.

If you are west-side based and find yourself endlessly scrolling online for international brands (only to return the garment days later when you got your size horribly wrong) or part of our ASI Stylist community (remember retailer research is an on-going task!), we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite, must-visit fashion boutiques of Perth.

Note: these aren’t your regular chain brand stores, many of which stock the most sought after brands of 2019 (think: Baum und Pferdgarten, Marra Hoffman and Paris Georgia), take a look.

1. Ooh La La

This North Fremantle-based boutique stocks the labels to know, now. You will find the likes of It-Scandinavian label spotted all over Paris, Milan and London Fashion Week, Baum und Pferdgarten and European feminine resort wear (of your dreams) Marra Hoffman.The curators of Ooh La La follow the pulse of fashion closely and as a stylist, a boutique to familiarise yourself with.

2. Periscope

Long-standing Perth institution Periscope has cemented its place in the Perth CBD retail space. For a mix of minimalism, shape and wearability. For a client looking to feel authentic, individual and invest in timeless pieces, look no further than Periscope.

3. Second Time Round

Op-shopping, but make it chic. Nestled in inner-North Perth offers second-hand designer and luxury brand garments. Perfect for styling a client on a budget, not at the expense of quality. Dive deep into the styles of yesterday and you are sure to find a gem.


4. Department on Beaufort

No, it is not a huge department store or warehouse with jam-packed racks (with the same style over and over again). It’s the exact opposite, in fact. Tucked in amongst cafes, hairdressers and the bustle of Beaufort street, Department offers a fresh mix of current season Aussie and international brands such as Paris Georgia, Victoria + Woods and Faithfull the Brand.

5. Something Borrowed

Evening wear can be a tricky styling area to navigate. The price point shoots up making the investment that much harder to commit to. Something Borrowed takes the pressure off commitment away by offering event wear available to rent. If your client has a big event coming up but unlikely to wear a formal outfit regularly, this is a fantastic option.

6. The Black Wall

The destination for mens and women’s streetwear, offering a diverse range of aesthetics. The Black Wall is a must for the client who wants to be fashion-forward, have fun with their look and experiment with colour and print (as much as the store name would not suggest!)

7. Emporia Store

With retail struggling through some of its hardest times, Emporia has stood strong in the heart of Subiaco for over twenty years. They must be doing something right. Ranging from casual right through to evening wear, you can be pretty certain you will find the piece you’re looking for here. Which is probably now some form of lilac/snakeskin boots combo.


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