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Published on 08 May 2020
by ASI Team
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If you are anything like the mums in our ASI community, your CV just got a whole lot longer in the past 6 weeks of lockdown. This Mother’s Day, while unconventional for most, we celebrate all the mums out there! We’re taking the time to highlight some of our incredible ASI stylists as we sat down (virtually) for a Q&A on all things styling and mum life.

Meet Ellen, professional stylist of @thiswiththatstyling and a self confessed lover of life! Ellen completed her Certificate of Fashion Styling at Australian Style Institute and now makes balancing motherhood and professional styling life look effortless. Read on to hear Ellen’s must-have item for every mum’s wardrobe and the one piece of advice she still lives by today.

Happy Mother’s Day Ellen.

ASI: Has being a parent influenced or shaped your styling?

E: Absolutely! Comfort became more important to me as I was moving my body quite differently to how I had before, and as I had more of a mental load, my wardrobe became (and still is) more of a capsule wardrobe. Cost of clothing also became a factor for me, taking into consideration the longevity of each piece of clothing.

ASI: When styling other mothers, what are some goals they look to achieve in your styling sessions?

E: Most mum’s want to feel comfortable and confident. They want to look good and feel good but not have to put too much thought into their outfits each and every day.

ASI: Can you tell us a bit about what drew you to styling and how you got into a career in styling?

E: I’ve always loved people and fashion but never thought I could make a career out of it. Styling wasn’t that well known a career back when I was making career choices. After becoming a Mum I realised that if I was going to do a job that took time away from my kids, then I needed to love it. I got onto Australian Style Institute and immediately enrolled. I haven’t looked back since!

ASI: Is there a piece of advice you wish you were told before becoming a mum?

E: I wish I was told there’s no such thing as looking ‘like a Mum’. Firstly, there’s nothing wrong with being a mum OR looking like one! Secondly, what does a Mum look like exactly?!

ASI: What’s one thing every Mum should have in their wardrobe?

E: A pair of white sneakers. They make a pair of jeans look smarter than if you just wore them with runners, and they can dress down anything more formal in your wardrobe. They’ll take you from school runs, to brunches, to after school activities and even out for dinner with the girls!


ASI: What’s a must have item for your kids wardrobe?

E: A smart jacket. Every A/W season I buy a new one for my daughter and son so if we go out, even if they’re wearing just a pair of jeans, they look put together.

ASI: There are many amazing women (past and present) who nail the “fashion meets Mum life” look. Who are you a fan of and why?

E: I’ve always loved Sarah Jessica Parker’s style. Cliche I know but she always looks comfortable and well put together. I also love Diane Keaton’s style. Again, she looks comfortable and entirely herself!

ASI: What style wisdom did your Mum pass down to you?

E: My Grandma used to say “What’s the worst that can happen if you’re too dressed up? You’re the best dressed there!” I still live by that. I’ll be telling my kids to wear whatever makes them happy! Life is too short to wear things that make you feel miserable.

ASI: Is there anything you’d share with other mums thinking about pursuing their passion in styling?

E: If you have a passion, for anything at all, do it! You deserve that time, and you deserve to be happy. It’s good for your kids to see you prioritising your happiness too as we all know kids model on us. It’s never too late either. Even if you manage to have 1 year in a career you absolutely love, it’s worth it.

ASI: How do you hope to celebrate Mother’s Day this year? #iso

E: Normally my family goes out to lunch with my Mum & Dad, but this yea we’re going to have to make do with a FaceTime call. I hope I get coffee delivered to me in bed though! Then I’d love my husband to make his delicious Cashew Chicken for lunch followed by a family bike ride through our local nature reserve. Can we ensure he reads this!? Fingers crossed for good weather!!

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