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Published on 08 May 2020
by ASI Team
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If you are anything like the mums in our ASI community, your CV just got a whole lot longer in the past 6 weeks of lockdown. This Mother’s Day, while unconventional for most, we celebrate all the mums out there! We’re taking the time to highlight some of our incredible ASI stylists as we sat down (virtually) for a Q&A on all things styling and mum (or mum-to-be) life.

Meet Justina of @beyond.styling. While running her own business and styling for Australian fashion brand Feather and Noise, Justina is also a member of our Student Development team here at ASI. Fun fact, less than a week before chatting with Justina about this article, she welcomed her first child into the world and still wanted to share her story on all things styling during pregnancy (super mum right?!). Read on to hear Justina’s styling tips for mums-to-be and her advice to other mums out there considering a career change.

Happy first Mother’s Day Justina.

ASI: Can you tell us a bit about what drew you to styling and how you got into a career in styling?

J: Since I was a little girl, I enjoyed dressing up and pairing items of clothing together. However, it was not until I discovered Australian Style Institute (ASI) and attended my first styling course that I truly knew my ‘why’ to styling. I was drawn to how clothes play such a big part in building one’s confidence and in expressing individuality. I really wanted to be able to help my clients reach their full potential and feel good about themselves through having the right wardrobe.

I pursued my studies with ASI while working full-time in corporate as an accountant. The more action I took in my styling, the more certain I became about where my passion lied. Two years ago, I decided to take the leap out of my decade-long career in accounting to start my styling business, Beyond Styling and I’ve never looked back!

ASI: How has being pregnant changed your approach to your personal style?

J: A big thing for me was having to take into account my constantly evolving body shape throughout pregnancy. It pushed me to get out of what I was used to and learn to dress my new body shape through discovering new cuts and silhouettes. I also noticed that comfort and functionality was more important than ever before in this new season due to the physical changes and effects I was experiencing as a result of being pregnant.

ASI: Is there anything you’ve learnt during your own pregnancy that other mums-to-be could find helpful?

J: Maternity wear often puts a stereotype on what pregnancy style should look like and it is so easy to lose who you are and your sense of style in this season (and beyond). I learned how important it was to always come back to asking myself the question when dressing up – “Is this my style?”, or, “Is this me?”. I realised that I could still dress for me, taking into consideration factors such as my new body shape and comfort needs. This has been key to feeling good about myself through pregnancy but also ensuring that I would still want to wear these items post pregnancy!

ASI: Is there anything you’d love to share with other mums thinking about pursuing their passion in styling?

J: Go for it! There is no better time than now. My studies with ASI allowed me to pursue my passion in styling even whilst working in a demanding full-time role. Now that I am a mum, I am so grateful I said yes to pursuing this passion of mine because not only will it allow me the flexibility I need during this time as a mum of a newborn, but I also get to do what I absolutely love and call it my ‘job’.

ASI: There are many amazing women (past and present) who nail the “fashion meets mum life” look. Who are you a fan of and why?

J: I love Kate Middleton’s style. Regardless of whether she’s carrying out her public role or as a mum of three, she is always looking put together, polished and so effortless.

ASI: What style wisdom will you pass onto your child/children?

J: I would want my children to know that they should always wear what makes them feel good and happy. If you love it, wear it!

ASI: What’s the key piece of advice you have on balancing the work/mum wardrobe?

J: Think versatility in the pieces you are choosing for your wardrobe. When purchasing an item, ask yourself how many ways you can wear the item – e.g. dressed up for work/ dressed down for mum life on the weekend/ layered for winter/ stripped down for summer etc. As a mum, time is scarce, which is why having a wardrobe that will work for you through your entire lifestyle will be a time (and life) saver!

ASI: What’s one thing every mum should have in their wardrobe?

J: I would recommend a denim jacket! It dresses up your casual outfits (even your activewear!) and dresses down your fancier pieces for everyday wear.

ASI: How do you hope to spend Mother’s Day this year?

J: I am looking forward to spending my first Mother’s Day having the sweetest warm cuddles with my newborn at home.

Find out more about Justina and her career in fashion styling via her website or Instagram.

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