Women Making Waves In Styling- Meet Emelia

Published on 06 March 2020
by ASI Team
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Power suits and power women! Ever heard of the saying “say yes and figure out how”? We put our hands up to owning the power of that motto, one that our Australian Style Institute community of educators and students (both alumni and present) live by every day. 

Each year, hundreds of inspiring women have started with a fashion styling dream which together we have turned into an everyday reality. That reality is often made possible by the power of saying yes to new opportunities and applying our formulas mixed with a dose of courage to figure out “the how.” 

When working in fashion styling, no one day is the same as the next, whether it’s jet setting to international photoshoot locations for women’s glossy mags, to personal styling a female client to excel with confidence in a new job. So what is the running constant? The achievements made by inspiring and driven women. 

With March 8th marking International Women’s Day #EachforEqual, we are celebrating and acknowledging the achievements of all women across the globe, in particular the women making waves within our styling community. 

Meet Emelia Morris

IWD Meet Emelia

The perfect example of the power of saying “yes and figuring out how”. Juggling a full-time corporate job whilst establishing her styling career, Emelia is now booked out months in advance for Professional Styling consultations and is Centre Stylist for Market Square Shopping Centre. This has all happened within one year! Read on to meet this impressive woman.

ASI: Tell our readers who are meeting you for the first time a little about your impressive story.

E: I used to work in the public sector where I was bound by policies and procedures, with no creative outlet for me. Because I needed that outlet I started blogging and Instagramming. After some time, I started to get a lot of feedback from people about how I was putting outfits together. It sparked an idea for me –  that maybe it could be something I could help people with beyond online. From there, I did my research and enrolled in Australian Style Institute’s Certificate of Fashion Styling course. That was in 2019, and from there, I haven’t stopped! 

ASI: For women reading this and entertaining the idea of a career change, what would you tell them?

E: I would say don’t let the fear hold you back as you never know unless you give it a try. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

IWD meet Emelia


ASI: It’s the “say yes and figure out how” motto isn’t it…So what is one of your most memorable client stories that has stuck with you so far? 

E: I recently had a client who was a mother of three and hadn’t really done anything for herself in over 20 years. Just being able to see her transform from beginning to end, it totally changed her life. It’s those sort of experiences that encourages me to continue what I’m doing as a stylist.

ASI: You’re currently studying your Masters of Professional Styling with ASI. What is one piece of key ASI learning that you keep coming back to?

E: I would probably go back to the beginning with Certificate of Fashion Styling where you learn the “pre shop” before a personal styling session. It’s really important for presenting yourself as a professional and showing up prepared – having that innate understanding of what your client wants to achieve from the style consultation and doing your research before you meet with them. ASI Stylist Emelia Morris


ASI: What are your tips for staying motivated?

E: Keep organised, keep momentum, stay connected with everybody in the community and you will succeed.

ASI: What would you attribute the speed of your success to?

E: Definitely being part of the ASI community. Without the support of the community I would not have been so successful in such a short time.

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