Women Making Waves In Styling- Meet Jenna

Published on 06 March 2020
by ASI Team
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Power suits and power women! Ever heard of the saying “say yes and figure out how”? We put our hands up to owning the power of that motto, one that our Australian Style Institute community of educators and students (both alumni and present) live by every day. 

Each year, hundreds of inspiring women have started with a fashion styling dream which together we have turned into an everyday reality. That reality is often made possible by the power of saying yes to new opportunities and applying our formulas mixed with a dose of courage to figure out “the how.” 

When working in fashion styling, no one day is the same as the next, whether it’s jet setting to international photoshoot locations for women’s glossy mags, to personal styling a female client to excel with confidence in a new job. So what is the running constant? The achievements made by inspiring and driven women. 

With March 8th marking International Women’s Day #EachforEqual, we are celebrating and acknowledging the achievements of all women across the globe, in particular, the women making waves within our styling community. 

Meet Jenna Bliss

IWD Meet Jenna

The perfect example of the power of saying “yes and figuring out how”. At 19 years old, Jenna has found her groove in Editorial Styling, already securing herself the role as Novo’s Assistant Campaign Stylist, and is holding an upcoming fundraiser for the Reach Out Foundation. This has all happened within one year! Read on to meet this impressive woman.

ASI: You’re at that life turning point where you’re expected to determine your career and passions. We can see you’ve found yours. Tell our readers who are meeting you for the first time a little about that.

J: Last year I quit my job and went traveling for a little while. Once I got back I assumed I would be able to find a job straight away… that didn’t happen.

I was fresh out of high school and never planned on going to uni. I was scrolling through Facebook one day and I saw a post about Australian Style Institute. I knew I’d found my calling instantly and didn’t hold back. In fact, the intake I wanted was full, but they managed to make a spot for me, and that’s how it all started.

IWD meet Jenna


ASI: Tell us about a creative experience that has stood out for you.

J: When I did my first photoshoot on my own I was both a stylist and creative director. I created all the mood boards and concepts and sourced the outfits. 

The shoot was planned for 8am on Melbourne Cup day in Brunswick. I got a message that morning from the model who was sick with the flu so I ended up having to cancel the whole shoot. I felt that I had put in so much work to find these outfits, and for them to not be used simply wasn’t an option for me. I was determined to make that photoshoot happen. 

So I ended up getting a whole new team including a photographer, MUA and models for the next day. It ended up being my best shoot to date. I did it all by myself and I can proudly say I did it.

ASI: Wow! We love hearing stories like that. So, who is a female mentor you are looking up to for inspiration right now?

J: Someone who inspires me day in day out, has to be Bianca Rose. Bianca is a fellow ASI Stylist who I met through my course. I volunteered to assist her on a Novo photoshoot and now she is the reason I get to go all over Melbourne doing Novo shoots as a paid freelancer. She is such an inspirational woman and she fuels my love for what I do. I couldn’t wish for anything better than to learn from her.IWD meet Jenna


ASI: What would be your word of advice?

J: My advice would be to try anything. Just give it a go, and by that I don’t just mean for a few weeks. Give something a go from 6 months to a year. If that doesn’t work try something else. 

I initially thought personal styling was for me, but after doing the Advanced Certificate of Creative Fashion Styling I found myself. 

Say yes to everything, you don’t know what opportunities will come along!IWD Meet Jenna


ASI: What does the future hold for you?

J: I have a few things coming up. I have my last shoot for my mental health campaign which I’ve been working on. Inspired by my good friend and ASI stylist Lisa Stockman, it’s a shoot based around wearing a mask or “a front” all the time. 

On March 21st 2020 I’m holding my mental health event, Think Bliss. Promoting the awareness of mental health amongst youth, all profits are going to the Reach Out Foundation. 

Tickets for Jenna’s upcoming event can be purchased here

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