Advanced Certificate of Creative Fashion Styling


Study mode

2 blocks of face-to-face training (5 days + 3 days), 12 online modules.


12 months.


Up front full payment or payment plan available.

Over the last decade a stylist’s role has shifted from behind the scenes to centerstage, shaping the way we view and wear fashion with creative direction and styling strategy. There are few professions that cover so many creative roles that are all interchangeable. Whether it’s a photo shoot, TV commercial, music video or runway event, collaborating with designers, art directors, photographers, hair and makeup artists is where a stylist’s work comes to life. At the heart of the role of a stylist is visual storytelling, to connect products and ideas with people in a way that inspires. Free from the commercial restraints of production and manufacturing, a stylist’s role entails freedom in the pursuit of creating beautifully styled imagery.


8 DAYS: 2 blocks of face-to-face training. You begin your course with 5 days in Melbourne or Sydney, then attend 1 additional training block of 3 days.

MONTHLY: Modules.

12 MONTHS ACCESS: Online resource library, including previously recorded classes, downloadable documents and templates at an Advanced Creative level.

YOUR STUDENT ADVISOR: Have your questions answered, receive advice around recruitment and job opportunities, be supported by your personal student advisor over your 6-month course.

Career pathways

  • Editorial & Commercial Stylist
  • Creative Director
  • Wardrobe Stylist
  • Celebrity Stylist

Our professional stylists continue to gain coveted roles and develop inspiring careers in professional styling. You will find them styling magazine photo shoots, assisting at runway shows, working with labels and photographers and celebrity styling.

What you’ll learn

Thrive in a creative industry.This course will develop your creative direction and styling skills, required to work as a commercial and editorial stylist. From styling photoshoots, to working with photographers, models, hair and makeup artists, you will learn how to create beautiful imagery while interpreting a styling brief. Learn how to coordinate runway events and style celebrity clients. Discover how to nurture relationships with fashion labels, agencies and stores for garment sourcing. 

  • Experience styling a photo shoot.
  • Develop a creative concept and mood board.  
  • Work with a creative team including photographer, hair and makeup, models, designers.
  • Discover how to garment source for photo shoot.
  • Learn how to establish relationships with PR agencies, fashion labels, boutiques and up and coming designers.
  • Build your editorial stylist kit.
  • Learn how to prepare and steam garments.
  • Explore styling for print, digital, TV, runway, celebrity styling.
  • Learn how to style celebrity clientele.
  • Define the key roles and responsibilities involved in runway and fashion events.
  • Explore the work of style, fashion, photography visionaries of today.

Course Dates


  • May 4th - 8th 2020


    Certificate of Professional Styling & Image

  • May 18th - 22th 2020


    Certificate of Professional Styling & Image

  • June 8th - 12th 2020


    Certificate of Professional Styling & Image

  • July 27th - 31st 2020

    New Zealand

    Certificate of Professional Styling & Image

Course Breakdown


Editorial Styling Pathways.

  • Identify the roles and responsibilities of editorial, commercial and celebrity stylists.
  • Look to the industries leading creatives, stylists, designers, influencers and publications for inspiration and examples of excellence.
  • Interpret trends and the impact of street styling.
  • Study imagery that has epitomised the fashion world.

Preparing for a Photoshoot.

  • Interpret a brief.
  • Work with a creative team.
  • Develop a creative concept and mood board.
  • Garment source for photo shoots.
  • Establish relationships.
  • Complete a stylist ‘loan hire agreement form’.

The Photo Shoot.

  • Build your editorial stylist kit.
  • Prepare garments.
  • Understand the roles of a creative team on the day of a shoot.
  • Brief the photographer, hair and makeup team.
  • Dress models.
  • Be professional on set or photo shoot.
  • Work on location and studio shoots.
  • Understand the image-making process.
  • Manage time constraints.
  • Return garments after a shoot.

Runway and Celebrity Styling.

  • Define the key roles and responsibilities involved in runway and fashion events.
  • Learn what’s involved in dressing celebrity clients.
  • Gain opportunities to work on runway shows.
  • Create and run your own event collaborating with a creative team.
  • Approach talent agencies, PR agencies, fashion labels or new designers to dress celebrities.
  • Increase your knowledge of local and international industry events on the fashion calendar.

Commercial Projects.

  • Identify different types of commercial styling roles across advertorial, product styling, TV, film, music videos, wardrobe departments, performers, and corporate.
  • Interpret a creative concept.
  • Work within a budget.
  • Negotiate and effectively quote.

Your Folio and Brand.

  • Develop your folio of work.
  • Curate imagery for digital and print.
  • Build brand credibility.
  • Differentiate requirements for digital and print folio.
  • Professionally credit the creative team involved in the shoot.
  • Effectively use social media to promote your work.
  • Submit your portfolio for future work and collaborations.

Benefits of studying with Australian Style Institute

Australian Style Institute offers a distinctive method of teaching founded in critical principles of human behaviour – ensuring our professional stylists offer the industry a unique perspective on styling that empowers the individual.

Our flexible training approach is structured so that you can continue to work, study other disciplines, or manage family and other commitments, all while continuing to develop your skills as a stylist.