Certificate of Professional Styling Online



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6 months.


Up front full payment or payment plan available.

Learn via intensive step-by-step virtual education, so you can thrive on your terms. 

The Certificate of Professional Styling Online course will equip you with the skills required to become a professional personal stylist, from client shopping through to makeovers and dressing for special events. You will gain a deep understanding of the link between human behaviour and how it impacts a client’s style and confidence, creating a transformative experience for both you and your client. The demand for professional stylists is growing and upon completion of the 6 month Certificate of Professional Styling Online course, you will be equipped with the language, strategies and templates to price and package your services to thrive in this growing industry.



40+ hours of trainer-led virtual classes 

Unlimited industry professional mentoring via video, phone and email 

Access to our exclusive Online Resource Library and exercises 

Networking opportunities through our professional agency partners

Extensive community support from existing students and alumni

Leading accreditation to become a successful professional stylist

Career pathways


Personal Stylist- People look for direction as they become more discerning in their purchases.

Virtual Stylist- The world is embracing technology, from virtual styling to online deliveries.

In-store Stylist- Retailers are seeking new, integrated approaches to build customer traffic.

Personal Shopper- People are turning to trained experts for style advice and assistance.

Improve Personal Style- Make the transformation today, to put your best foot forward for tomorrow.

Our professional stylists continue to gain coveted roles and develop inspiring careers in professional styling. You will find them working with clients across the world, in-store styling with retailers, personal shopping and consulting. Our stylists are also the highest paid in the industry.


  • Transformation Styling- Learn to navigate human behaviour, body shape and style in an in-depth consultation
  • Wardrobe – Execute a wardrobe makeover and coordinate outfits 
  • Professional Shopping – Conduct the 5 step shopping success strategy 
  • Utilising Colour – Learn colour psychology and how to apply it 
  • Fashion History, Trends & Language – Explore the core foundations of an ever-evolving industry 
  • Your Styling Business – Learn the marketing tools to launch a successful styling business

Course Dates


  • Aukland NZ: Register Your Interest

    In-Person or Online

    Certificate of Professional Styling

Course Breakdown

CPSI – 1

Transformational Styling.

  • Style male and female clients.
  • Facilitate an in-depth style consultations.
  • Identify your clients style and lifestyle needs.
  • Understand human behaviour to identify your client’s strategy.
  • Style various body shapes.
  • Utilise illusion dressing and proportion.
  • Understand sizing and garment fit.
  • Overcome client distortion.
  • Work with your first client.
  • Develop your styling business: packages and pricing.
  • Build your stylist brand.
CPSI – 2


  • Conduct a wardrobe makeover.
  • Identify key wardrobe items.
  • Coordinate outfits.
  • Determine what to remove and what to keep.
  • Store and organise garments and accessories.
  • Identify garment quality and textile function.
CPSI – 3

Professional Shopping.

  • Conduct a pre-shopping session.
  • Conduct the 5 step shopping success strategy.
  • Build professional relationships with retailers and suppliers.
  • Shop trends according to your clients style and needs.
  • Know where to shop for your clients.
  • Adapt in-store merchandising to meet your clients needs.
  • Accessorise for styling impact.
CPSI – 4

Utilising Colour.

  • Understand colour psychology.
  • Apply colour to your client.
  • Interpret colour meanings across the world.
CPSI – 5

Fashion History, Trends and Language.

  • Identify fashions eras.
  • Recognise the importance of the history of fashion.
  • Discover how global innovation and technology impacts fashion.
  • Explore international designers.
  • Speak the language of a professional stylist.
CPSI – 6

Your Styling Business.

  • Identify your target market.
  • Generate leads and clients.
  • Create a visual aesthetic.
  • Set up social media channels and build a following.
  • Implement digital strategies for business growth.
  • Start your website and online presence.

Benefits of studying with Australian Style Institute

Australian Style Institute offers a distinctive method of teaching founded in critical principles of human behaviour – ensuring our professional stylists offer the industry a unique perspective on styling that empowers the individual.

Our flexible training approach is structured so that you can continue to work, study other disciplines, or manage family and other commitments, all while continuing to develop your skills as a stylist.