The ASI Edit.

Styling Mums: Meet Ellen ↘

08 May

Professional Stylist Ellen, makes juggling a styling business and motherhood look easy! Hear her must have wardrobe item for mums and the motherly piece of advice she still lives by.

Styling Mums: Meet Juvelle ↘

08 May

Personal and Editorial Stylist, Student Mentor and boss mum. Juvelle shares her insider tips for busy mums and the one thing she wishes she was told before becoming a mum.

Creative Ways the Fashion Industry has Responded to COVID. ↘

30 April

With the challenges and changes that come with a global pandemic, brands are finding creative ways to stay relevant and true to their values. Read more to see how these 7 brands have adapted.

A Beginners Glossary To Sustainable Fashion ↘

22 April

Whilst the relationship between fashion and the environment has become a hot topic, there is increasing confusion about what Sustainable Fashion actually means.

12 Facts About Men in Fashion ↘

20 April

Join us on a rapid journey through 12 interesting facts about men in fashion and style.

How to Become a Virtual Stylist ↘

14 April

Whether you’re looking to embark on a new career as a Professional Stylist, including virtual styling, or further develop your existing skills to launch or grow your own business – Australian Style Institute provides the training, mentoring and support you need to succeed in the thriving fashion styling industry. 

How to Become a Personal Stylist Online ↘

09 April

We live in an ever-evolving world that emphasises the importance of digital platforms. Each day, more services are moving online, and that includes Personal Styling. Learn how to take your styling services to an online world.

Locked Down or Leveling Up During COVID-19? ↘

01 April

To our much loved ASI community and beyond, we wanted to share with you some things in place at Australian Style Institute to minimise the disruption for students, so your aspirations don’t have to wait.

5 Apps To Level Up Your Instagram Game ↘

31 March

Got some free time? Take your Instagram branding to the next level with these free apps we’re loving.

5 Easy Habits to Introduce for a Sustainable Wardrobe ↘

20 March

Kicking a habit can be tough. Especially when you are a die-hard fashion lover on the lookout for a bargain. It’s so addictive to walk out of a store with all the latest trends but  unfortunately, our planet is paying for your bargain.