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Faces of Future Fashion Perth: Audrey Allen & Ashton Cameron ↘

12 July

We’re talking about sustainability in fashion all the time. But what do you do when your product doesn’t lend itself to typical sustainable practices?

Faces of the Future of Fashion Perth: Jonté Pike ↘

05 July

Next up in the Future of Fashion Perth, West Australian designer Jonté Pike stole a few moments away from her new collaboration, to talk to us about sustainability, resilience and how local creatives supporting each other keeps the industry thriving.

Faces of the Future of Fashion Perth: Edward Maradona ↘

02 July

Moments before jet-setting off to Paris Fashion Week, Ed Maradona, Founder and Creative Director of Perth-based designer streetwear boutique Cabinet Noir, sat with us to chat about streetwear culture, the struggles of ‘brick and mortar’ retail and how a love for sneakers and breakdancing turned into a fashion career.

Fashion Designers to Follow in 2019 ↘

07 March

With the fashion industry growing and changing everyday, it’s important to stay inspired and across new talent. Whether these designers are new, or old favourites headed on a different venture, these seven designers are sure to make an impact on what we wear in 2019.

Meet the woman behind Australia’s first Indigenous modelling agency ↘

21 October

“Jira is the name of my great great grandmother from the Wuthathi Tribe,” says Perina Drummond, founder of Australia’s first Indigenous modelling agency, Jira Models.

The evolution of the menswear market, with Dalton Graham ↘

20 August

“Retail is tough. You can create something really cool and have the best looking label, but you have to ask yourself, are you actually selling anything?”, asks founder of The Tailored Man and menswear expert, Dalton Graham. 

The most important lessons we’ve learnt from working in fashion ↘

13 August

Fashion is one of the more misunderstood industries, with a shroud of mystery surrounding it, particularly when looking from the outside in. Hear from the team at ASI about what they’ve learnt about working in fashion.

What an editorial stylist does and how to become one ↘

20 July

From wardrobe styling to image consulting, personal styling, commercial, corporate and celebrity styling and so much more, fashion styling is an incredibly diverse career path. And editorial styling is undoubtedly one of the most coveted and exciting areas.

How to slow down fast fashion with sustainable fashion stylist, Jenna Flood ↘

29 April

Sustainable fashion has become trendier than a pair of Gucci slides, but it remains a broad and polarising concept.

Retail Rehab: Why you need to detox from retail therapy ↘

20 April

Yes, there is such a thing as needing a break from shopping.