4 Ways to Style a White T-shirt

Published on 20 April 2021
by ASI Team
Category: Inspire

The classic white tee. A staple in any wardrobe that can take you from season to season. Whether you have ten identical ones hanging side-by-side in your wardrobe, or just the one trusty white tee, you may be facing the same issue – an inspiration block.

Think you’ve run out of ways to restyle and re-wear your white tee? Think again. Here are 4 of our favourite white t-shirt combos to try. Plus, some Stylist tips and tricks when it comes to outfit planning each morning.

Casual Jeans and Tee

So you’ve worn your favourite jeans and white tee to death and now you’re looking for ways to refresh the outfit. Adding a structured blazer to your everyday outfit instantly elevates and gives you a more sophisticated edge especially when your blazer features simple details like buttons or sleeve details. Make sure to grab those sunnies on the way out the door and you’ve got a daily uniform that’s as versatile as Melbourne’s weather.

Light Denim and White T-shirt

Looking for a dressy casual look during the warmer months? Swap your business pants for a light coloured denim jean, and black business shoes for some clean white sneakers. Opt for a blazer that complements your light denim by looking for prints that feature similar neutral tones. Take the below printed blazer for example which features a neutral cream throughout the check print. The trick to keep this look ‘dressy’ is choosing a well fitting blazer over a slouchy style.

Black Jeans and White T-Shirt

Name a better duo. Pair these two wardrobe staples together for an effortless look that you can style for any occasion. Unlike blue denim, you can get away with black jeans at most occasions these days. And keeping it simple opens up the wide world of texture – anyone for a velvet blazer? Stick with the yin and yang sensibility by matching clean white sneakers. This will give the ensemble a smart casual feel that can move seamlessly between work and after-work drinks.

Tailored Pant and Tee

Gone are the days of strict office dress codes and boring button-ups. But while jeans are an acceptable and easy option to reach for in the morning, there’s no need to let them have all the fun! You can now look professional and stay comfortable by pairing your white T-shirt with a tailored pant. Keeping it simple on top also lets a statement high-waisted pant like this take the spotlight. Harry Styles, eat your heart out.

Tips for Wearing a White T-shirt

  1. Wear and tear – White garments can become discoloured and this is your reminder to quality check your white tee. Especially if you haven’t worn it in a while.
  2. It’s all in the tuck – If you’ve ever watched an episode of Netflix’s Queer Eye, you will have definitely heard of the french tuck. This two minute compilation video of every french tuck in Queer Eye gives you an idea of how easily it can be adopted. And while you can never go wrong with a full tuck (as the looks above prove), a french tuck can complete a look while keeping things more casual.
  3. Roll the sleeves – When incorporating a blazer, you obviously won’t need to think about the sleeves of your T-shirt. But for those more casual looks on hotter days, a relaxed fitting white tee benefits from one or two rolls at the edge of the sleeves.
  4. Multiples – With the endless styling options available, you’re going to want to have a rotating selection of white T-shirts. Not only for when your favourite is in the wash, but to experiment with different necklines and fits. This also helps to keep them looking fresh.


What are the best white T-shirts?

Look for a quality white T-shirt. A cotton or cotton blend is a great choice for comfort and longevity. In terms of fit, a crew neck style is a universal choice that works well dressed up or down.

What jeans go with a white T-shirt?

A quality white T-shirt is a wardrobe staple for a reason. They are versatile and pair well with almost everything. From dark denim, black washed and light coloured jeans, you’ll have no trouble styling your white tee with any pair of jeans.

How do I dress up a white T-shirt?

As we’ve shown, a white tee can easily be dressed up by adding structure or accessories. Layer your white tee with a blazer to help elevate your outfit from a day to night look. Swapping out your trainers for a pair of leather boots or loafers will also take your casual look to a more dressy and refined style.

How do I do this as a job?

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