From Fashion Runway to Supermarket Runway

Published on 20 March 2020
by ASI Team
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While this year’s Fashion Month sadly ended early, we couldn’t let the amazing trends we saw go to waste. We may not be rocking new trends on the street right now but why not get creative and rock them on our new runway. The supermarket aisles, the driveway, heck why not even taking the bins out!?

Lockdown, but make it fashion, right?

TONAL DRESSING (This one’s easy!)


Runway to Supermarket

Tonal dressing is about the biggest thing in fashion at the moment, and probably the easiest on this list to get right. Match three garments with the same tone and you immediately look like a sartorial genius.

Thinking of branching out with new tonal colours but don’t know how to? (Melbournians I’m looking at you) this is the perfect style to get you started. Tonal dressing takes all the guess work out of colour matching. With no need to worry about contrasting or complimentary colours, you can put the colour wheel away and easily get styling with the pieces you already have in your wardrobe.

We found that styling neutral tones is the easiest place to begin. Browns paired with creams and nudes will always work well. See below for an easy way to style tonal items in to your wardrobe.

Runway to Supermarket

SPACE COWBOY (For when you’re feeling adventurous)

Runway to Supermarket

With the overwhelming resurgence of 70’s inspired clothing (seen on every runway from Gucci to Bottega), came the Cowboy or yee-haw aesthetic (as we prefer). If you’re not in the know, during the 60’s and 70’s western was the coolest thing around. Think sepia, cowboy boots and ten gallon hats.

Along with the 70’s came the space race. As the US turned its eyes towards the sky, people wondered what a future in space would look like. As did fashion. Designers used unconventional fabrics and chromatic colours to represent this imagined future.

Take both of these trends, mix them together. What do you get? Space Cowboy.

The result; Ten Gallon hats in translucence wiry fabrics, metallic bow-low ties and frilly suit shirts in sheer pastel blues.

You might be thinking that this trend could be a bit tricky to incorporate but really, adding just one piece immediately takes your style game up a notch. See below for a few examples of some easy to incorporate items.

Runway to Supermarket

LEATHER OVERLOAD (Spice things up!)

Leather is BACK in a big way.

We’re seeing a departure from the Moto Jackets and tight leather pants which characterised the late naughties. Leathers are being tailored in cuts more usually associated with cottons or wools. Leather button up shirts, playsuits and trenches have exploded on to the runway in recent months.

Those who prefer not to wear animal products, don’t despair. Many brands are bringing out faux leather alternatives in environmentally friendly forms. Gone are the days where the only other option was PU.  Many brands offer vegan leather alternatives like mushroom and cork.

This trend is pretty easy to ace. Simply add a leather shirt or trench to your existing wardrobe and wait for compliments to role in. If you’re feeling adventures try teaming a leather button up in one tone, with a leather trench in another. Check out some of our faves below.

Runway to Supermarket

ANDROGYNOUS DRESSING (The anywhere, anytime trend)

We often feel like we’re repeating ourselves with this one, and perhaps ‘trend’ isn’t the correct term, however we would be remise not to note the movement towards non gendered dressing.

Now more than ever, androgyny rules the runway and we are LOVING it!

One way to embrace this trend is to shop from either rack. If you generally shop in women’s wear, take a peek through the mens racks, oversized mens wool knits and loose fit pants are a go-to and also super comfortable. If you generally stick to menswear check out women’s suiting, if it’s good enough for Harry Styles, it’s good enough for you.

Keep an eye on our Instagram for more Fashion Month and VAMFF highlights and let us know what trends you’ve been loving and incorporating into your wardrobe.

Bronte McCallum




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