The ASI Edit.

Why we need a fashion revolution ↘

26 April

In a world where slow and fast fashion collide, it’s time for a fashion revolution.

Meet our Sydney Stylists: Five days, five different experiences ↘

17 April

Last week a group of budding Sydney stylists experienced their Certificate of Professional Styling and Image training.

What a fashion stylist does and how you can become one ↘

28 March

According to the Business of Fashion, styling is one of the fastest growing professions in the fashion industry, yet what a stylist actually does can be widely misunderstood.

5 steps to a creative career change ↘

22 December

Unless you’re one of the lucky ones, you will have experienced that feeling.

To blog or not to blog? ↘

05 October

Despite recent comments refuting the legitimacy of bloggers within the fashion industry (we’re looking at you, Vogue) – we still believe there is power in the blog.

How to Become a Personal Stylist: An Interview with Lauren DiBartolo ↘

06 September

There is a big difference between having great personal style and being a great personal stylist. You may not consider yourself the most fashionable dresser, but this doesn’t mean you can’t pursue a career in styling. Read on to hear some wise words from ASI Founder Lauren Di Bartolo.

Seljak Brand ↘

05 July

Meet Seljak Brand. Founded by the Seljak sisters, Karina and Sam, their vision is ‘to create a world without waste’ through the production of recycle-made blankets.

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