How to build your Instagram followers

Published on 20 February 2020
by ASI Team
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Why is social media so important?

In the era of social media being king, one of the most import assets you have available (especially for those in a creative field) is your Instagram. While taking a social media photo and curating a feed comes naturally to some people, most need to work to get it right. 

Customers use Instagram as a form of quality control, checking your feed to educate themselves on your brand and business. Especially important for stylists, you want to ensure your social media represents the quality of service you provide. In our 5 day Certificate of Fashion Styling training, we go into depth on how you can leverage social media as a business tool. Here is an introduction of our top tips to building your Instagram followers and business. 

Tips for taking engaging images 

Good Lighting – Ensure there is a good amount of NATURAL light when taking your photos. Try to avoid taking photos at night wherever possible. 

Positioning – Position your subject facing the light to ensure there are no awkward shadows. 

Spacing – Leave space around the subject (or yourself) as Instagram crops vertical images slightly to fit their square frame. 

Clean your lens – Before taking any photos on a phone or camera, ensure your lens is smudge free. 

No filters please – Gone are the days of using harsh over the top filters. Try to keep your filters (if any) to a minimum. 

Try not to stress

Don’t stress, you don’t need to be a professional photographer to ace your Instagram feed. Just a smart phone with a camera and some creativity. 

I read somewhere, that if you find a creative with a perfect feed from the get go, it simply means they started too late. You can’t develop your skills without practice and experience, so it important to simply get going.

Nailing creative photo concepts on your feed

As part of our curriculum, we guide our students in structuring creative photo concepts, how to edit them and get their feed started! Here’s a taster. 

‘The Flatlay’ 

The flatlay

‘The detail shot’

Social Media Followers

‘The twin shot’ 

Social Media Followers

Have we stirred your interest? Access the remainder of our social industry insights and much more when you enrol in our Certificate of Fashion Styling Course at Australian Style Institute. Learn more about our online and on-campus courses here.


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